Harry Lewis / Press

“HarryLewis is truely unique in his approach to music, his incredibe talent is only out weighed by his passion. I recently held a charity gig in Bradford, Harry was incredibly enthusiastic and reliable leaving the crowd asking for more. He is a true star who shall undoubtably make it big!”

“I saw Harry at a show a few weeks back and I thought he was incredibly skilled and charismatic. I've also seen a few recordings of songs he's covered, they were also very enjoyable to watch.”

Carl S - Carl S

“I saw Harry at a local gig on Saturday night and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. He really displays passion and love for his music and really shines, demonstrating his real talent for the music. Well done pal, and I hope to see you live again soon!”

Karin I - Karin I

“Harry Lewis is on of the most talented musicians I have had the pleasure of talking to. His unique way of making music captivates the audience and sends tingles down my spine.”

“Harry Lewis is an outstanding musician, a natural entertainer and an all round top bloke. If you get the opportunity to hear him perform, just do it - you won't be disappointed!! I consider it a privilege to have worked with this young man. Here's to an exciting future!!”

“After seeing Harry Lewis Live I can honestly say he is meant for big things. He give his all in ever performance that he gives. with a wide range of musical skills there is an element for everybody no matter what your favourite musical genre. So do yourself a favour see a star of tomorrow today!!”

“Saw Harry perform last night at a local fundraising concert, and he blew me away! By Jove that guy has some serious technique, not to mention a great voice and a musicality that so many artists lack, seriously, he's insanely good, go to his shows, you'll love every second of them.”

“Harry is a natural entertainer. Full of charisma and musical talent. His ability to perform makes him enjoyable to watch, his guitar playing style is new, inventive and clever. I'm sure your gonna be successful some day Harry.”

“Harry is a very talented musician and I always enjoy his performances. He has an amazing voice and a great ability to play the guitar, the piano and many more.”