Harmony Jonez / Press

“I love "Is it love"”

“Harmony, from, The Godfather of Nostalgic Radio Chicano Soul, I like your song very much. (Cross My Heart)”

“This woman's voice is so beautiful! Any label would be Lucky to have her!”

“‏@Rabbittpro @HarmonyJonez @Chaka_CON U're welcome. Good music should be heard”

“This is great!!! We're lucky to still have you here, sure it won't be long before you'll be out THERE!!”

“I just found out you sing. Not just sing, but you can really sing. Very Awesome!”

“ Indie artist Harmony Jonez welcomes the crowd and warms her pipes during a segment called "Words With Friends" where she created a song using words chosen by guests including, passion, water, dance, friends, and biscuits...yes biscuits. It was an evening filled with laughter, storytelling and musical artistry. The album creatively covers everything from the desire to have things "Better" to catching a vibe of "Feeling" someone in a relationship, or even telling a "Boy Bye." The melodies are both soulful and romantic, while covering the slow and easy finger snaps, to base thumping club hits you want to put on repeat. In my opinion the evening was truly "A Moment of Harmony." Check out more events and coverage on Hungry For More With Havanna Hagans, exclusively for Hot Stepz Magazine- the soul of Dance, Fashion and Music. ”

“Harmony Jonez, a performer in Saturday’s concert at Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center, is no stranger to Radcliff. The child of a military familiy, she is a North Hardin High School graduate who was involved in sports at the school. She got her first taste of performing in the seventh grade as a part of Black Ice, a Radcliff community step team, and performed at the Apollo Theater in New York. Currently she’s broadening her network and viewer base while working at a promotional company as the director of entertainment. Her most memorable time in the industry was as a host for the CW network’s “Da Show” in Louisville. “I believe that was the show’s most successful year and I was humbled to meet so many entertainers and artists doing what I love to do,” she said. Working the Derby Gala red carpet show was her favorite. “I loved hosting on ‘Da Show’ but I wanted to stretch myself and expand as an entertainer so I moved to Atlanta,” Jonez said. “I ”