Harli Saxon / Press

"To some people, like me, it's an escape. We live in Charlottesville for Pete's sake. It's not like it's a big city. There's not a lot to do here." Harli has been singing and playing instruments since before she can remember. "I've been doing music for so long it's like a second nature to me now," she said. "She has been singing since she probably started talking, and she started talking really early," said Suzanne Saxon, Harli's mother. Harli said her songs have helped her through hard times. "Whenever I get sad or anything I just sit down and play my guitar. I'll write a song," Harli said. "She's been through, since she was born, lots of different moves from place to place to place, changing of schools, that sort of thing. I believe that it helped her develop a sense of friendship," her mother said. Now Harli has put her emotions into a professionally produced song. She's one of several teenage members of the MRC that have created original tracks.