Hard Swimmin' Fish / Press

“It’s obvious that they’ve learned their lessons well with True Believer, an engaging, ragged-but-right set of rocking blues that blues fans will be spinning over and over again.”

"...the level of chops powering the proceeding will generate cult passion as it throws off sparks with the real true believers.  Check it out. "

“...a blues scene was born from a pure love for the music.  This is what I hear when I listen to True Believer...music born of the love shared by a small group of people.”

“...had everyone within earshot of their performances dancing to their jammin' combination of Cajun, Caribbean and African-influenced beats. Their musical collaboration sounds like it should be oozing out of the doors of a bar on Bourbon Street.”

“When a wonderful mix of gritty too-many-smokes-and-heartbreaks vocals, sweet guitar licks, driving boogie rhythms, and some mean harp blowing meets some deeply personal songwriting capabilities, look out! – MW”

“They swing, they swagger, they deliver. One listen to the album makes it clear that Easter knew what to do: set up the mics, get the levels, and then get the hell out of the way. And if that’s not how it went down, it’s how it sounds.”

““It’s the most high-energy, fun show and they work so well with the kids,” according to Bluemont Concert Series Executive Director Lily Dunning. We make it feel like it’s a party. We draw people in and give them permission to have a good time.”-harmonica player Waverly Milor”

“One Step Forward is an album of what happens when you bring multiple talented musicians from different Blues Flavors and put them together - Magic!! The Guitarist/Singer of the band leads the band through twists and turns like going through the backroads of Mississippi. if your looking for something lively and new, this is it. Get your copy now at CDbaby.com or at their website http://www.hardswimminfish.com/”

Luke Jordan - Sedalia Blues Society Newsletter

“Just listened to the new "One Step Forward" CD -- it's gonna be tough to pick a favorite out of all those great songs. Congrats guys for a terrific musical achievement.”

Jon Spear - CD Review

"(Demian's) guitar solos are mini journeys that totally bypass the "grab bag of hackneyed guitar licks" for satifying phrases that are honest, communicative and clever." "Great muscular stripped down grooves" "The band shows great restraint throughout without sacrificing exhuberance!" -Johnny Castle, Bassist for the Nighthawks

Johnny Castle - CD Review

““I’ve been into the blues about 12 or 13 years ... and Hagerstown is one of my all-time favorites,” Nancy Selby said. “I love Hard Swimmin’ Fish.””