Hard Proof Afrobeat / Press

"- Polyrhythmic perpetrators Hard Proof Afrobeat present an absolute blowout of non-stop percussion action and blasting brass. It’s a loose-flowing amalgam of funk and jazz borrowing from styles out of sub-Saharan Africa, an explosion of multiple horns, melodies and rhythms that groove and sway, an homage to the revolutionary father of Afrobeat Fela Kuti. That’s why they say: “Internationally inspired, locally produced.”

"Hard Proof, the self-titled debut album from the Austin, Texas based afrobeat ensemble is a groovtastically funky collection of jams that display a range of dynamics and themes...Utilizing slow, winding, interlocking guitar grooves, multi-layered percussion, and deep horn arrangements...you can hear their ability to push, build and release the energy of the music from song to song.

"The members of Hard Proof carry plenty of pedigree. 'Hard Proof' is the bands debut full length, a righteous mix of Nigerian funk, Ghanaian psych rock, and a nod or two to stateside contemporaries like Anitbalas and fellow Austinites Brownout."