Hardline Drive / Press

"Lake Orion, Michigan’s Hardline Drive is putting a whole new twist on bluegrass music in the Midwest, with their own unique mix of traditional and contemporary sounds. The high-powered two-part female harmonies of songwriter Toni Erskine and mandolinist Danielle Smith are addictive..."

"Davin Jeffers, Toni Erskine and Danielle Smith of Michiganʼs Hardline Drive prove their pickinʼsmarts"

““Who says Bluegrass music can’t be pretty…..and have major chops in the same group….Hardline is beautiful and talented-a true crowd pleaser””

“Pickin on Cystic Fibrosis relies on bands that donate time and Talent. I get so much positive feedback about this band. They have it all, great songs, sound and stage presence. I can't thank them enough for helping me raise money for a very worthy cause.”

"Hardline Drive is the complete package; great songs, inspired musicians and wonderful singers. These elements magically come together in a not to be missed performance. One of Michigan's best kept secrets will soon be the Bluegrass world's favorite new band."

“When I first saw Hardline Drive in Winder, GA, I turned to my wife and said, these guys have IT. They have pulse that moves you, and their original material is terrific. They will go far.”

“Georgia bluegrass fans were blown away by the bluesy sounds of Hardline Drive at the 2008 Grass in the Grove Festival on Lake Lanier. It was obvious that the audience was captivated and wanted to hear more of the unique sound that is Hardline Drive - Motown meets Appalachia.”

Julie Aitchison - Georgia Mountain Media Productions

“HARDLINE DRIVE is going to be the bluegrass band to watch. Their singing, harmonies and instrumentation nail that bluegrass feeling we are all seeking. They are young musicians with incredible talent, energy, spirit and drive that is going to take them places...”