HardLeft / Press

"The tracks embody solid performances and a refreshing sound that's mainstream and contemporary (with some throwback attributes). I was impressed with the musicianship and the recordings capture that effectively. Well done. The songs and recordings are all very strong."

"You have a super cool attitude (you sound like you're having fun), and your energy is great. Good verse melodies. The choruses kick in well and are memorable. I look forward to hearing more."

"The songs have excellent, musicianship, rhythm, dynamics, structure, lyrics, transitions, melodies, etc. The vocals are delivered convincingly. The songs have tons of energy, are extremely memorable, and have good hooks. BRAVO!"

"The vocal performances are strong – you have a cool sounding voice and your style is distinctive and appealing. The musicianship is solid - the tracks are tight and there are a lot of interesting parts."

"The grooves and vocals are powers that demand attention. The boiling rhythms and hard slices of guitar work bring lots of texture and form into the tracks."

"Excellent job on lyrics. Wow what hooks! The energy in the songs is hard to ignore. The songs move from beginning to end. The lyrics flow, cohesive, engaging and delivered with impact and emotion! These are well written, well sung, and well produced songs."

"Great lyrics! Excellent musicianship, great arrangements, and nice chops. VERY GOOD dynamics and structure. Great hooks! VERY MARKETABLE SONGS!!!!!!!"

"HardLeft’s music has a dirty, rock guitar approach. The vocals drip with emotion."