Hard Garden / Press

"This is blues for a new generation. - it should appeal to younger audiences"

“Listening to Hard Garden's wild new mix of hip hop, electronica and gut bucket blues! Highly recommend you put down your $2.97, buy it, and listen on or through something that can handle it.”

Peter O'Neill - Facebook

"Omigoodness! Congratulations of this, Son Jack Jr., Michael Wilde, and Garrett Williams! I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to hear an excellently presented, up-to-the-minute blend such as this. The three tunes sampled here immediately grab you, sweep you up with the rhythms, and pull you into another look at where today's music is but always remembering where it came from. Fabulous ! HARD GARDEN is going to shake you, make you dance, smile, and just plain entertain you the way all good bands oughta "

Suzanne Swanson - Facebook

““Boom! Right out the gate the groove just kills; I love, love, love, it - can you say Achtung Baby of the blues!? Stellar production values deliver 3 carefully crafted tracks that will give the listener little gems to discover anew with each listen. I hope this is the tip of ice berg, and the full album will just go and go even further down this road.””

Rick L Bowen - Seattle Alternative Music