Christophe Murdock / Press

"Prairie Fire are the Rancid of Country Music."

"Well, he's about big enough to be anybody he wants to be, isn't he?"

Tommy Cash - Tommy Cash

"With The Damaged Hearing Sessions, Christophe has again done what he does so well and produced an album of dark outlaw country songs that conjure images and moods of the classic country of Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings and the classic horror films of the 1950s."

"Christophe Murdock has never been a musician bound by convention when it comes to blending genres. He’s continuing that artistic irreverence with a new project called Prairie Fire."

"Christophe was Christophe before being Christophe was cool."

Danny Trashville - Danny Trashville

"His music rolled in like a thunderstorm and was the perfect accompaniment for the ominous grey skies coming in over Moore."

"Christophe almost always has an original sound mixing country,punk and a bit of goth..." "...all i can say is this whole thing for me was an 11!"

“DAMAGED Hearing: The Top 20 Records of 2008!!! "9. Christophe - THE LIFE OF AN OUTLAW: 1-17-08 DEMOS Straight outta Lawton, Oklahoma, is the brutally exciting first outlaw country record from OKC horrorpunk legend Christophe. Sure, his punk stuff was good, but his country stuff is GREAT. This self-released disc, stripped bare, with a quivering voice and a resonate acoustic guitar, is full of that small-town spite’n’quiet anger that singers like Merle Haggard and Hank Williams Jr. had, but with a sleek little evil edge to it. Listen to: “The Life of an Outlaw” "”

"from the darkside of country music comes christophe and his 4 song cd"crossroads",christophe kicks up dust in his song"red dirt" and does it with pure shitkicking vocals"

"“The Dark Side” is a remix of Christophe’s very cool country song, with Christophe and Joe D. on guitars. . Electric guitar is heavy, nearly psychedelic.. Acoustic guitar accompany the intense vocals."

"Murdock’s gravely drawl recounts hard-on-his-luck stories where a quick-draw temper and anemic bank account add up to an abundance of bitter regret."

"The final track, "The Life of an Outlaw" is the testimony of a road weary traveler who has "been called a bruiser..." How often do you hear anyone use the word "bruiser" in song? Not very, which is another good reason to check this ep out!"

"The 2nd guitar on "Fear the dead" is decidedly hard rock, but w/ the same sort of outsider folk sound I mentioned in the "Crossroads" review."

"Christophe takes a large dose of Country, add some Cowpunk, and leaven it with Rock n Roll, and has come up with..well…Christophe!"

"If Johnny Cash, Elvis, Glen Danzig, and Johnny Rotten were to have a baby...and that baby grew up to be a musician...he would absofreakinlutely be Christophe."

Rob Grogan - Operations Manager KIRC/KSLE/KWSH

"...so put your preconceived notions of outlaw country aside and check out Christophe"

"This is some good stuff! Enoughsaid!"

"The first thing I think of when I hear them is the part on Return of the living dead where the rain is falling and the zombies start digging their way up out of the ground, i love that part…the way the music sounds, the visuals attached to it create a feeling of dark excitement."

Duvy - "Reviews" Darkfaery Subculture Magazine

"..."Taken Under" is indeed a great song." - "What it is is a fantastically catchy and infectious Goth-Rock song..."

Big Tony O'Farrell - "Reviews" Rock Fiend International

"Mockingbird Lane was mentioned on one of the largest Stephen King fan sites, Lilja's Library, today. Check out the entry on June 9. The song in reference, Taken Under, was recorded for inclusion in the short film "I Know What You Need," based on the story by Stephen King & directed by Shawn Lealos."

"I've worked with him before, and I can say that he is definitely undead. The guy is one zombie **********er. He likes to sing scary hillbilly songs in late-night cemeteries."

Posted under the user name "Iraqi Freedom" - Green Door Web-Forum

"If The Munsters, The Misfits and Merle Haggard were to join forces, thier name would be Mockingbird Lane."

Random Infliction Vol. II Issue I

"These guys seem to be the real deal, gothic and horror influences abound." - "...with odd sounding guitar and bass tones that one usually finds associated with outer fringe Stoner-Rock bands. But somehow, it helps, sort of adding an aura of street-level authenticity to the whole affair."

"Mockingbird Lane's sound is to imagine if Peter Murphy had become the lead singer for the Misfits"

"I missed half the show and got there in time for Mockingbird Lane, the only D-Rock band I think I've ever seen in Norman. They were very entertaining to watch, especially the funny looking Hot Topic postergirls moshing about."

Nick Cebalo - "Live Show Reviews" Ashes #2

"Christophe's vocals sound like something out a B-movie horror flick."

"Bands like The Undead, The Independents, Mockingbird Lane, The Staggers, psychobilly bands like Tiger Army and The Nekromantics, and the re-formed Misfits seem to appeal to punks and Goths alike."

"Mockingbird Lane is something of a punk Steely Dan."

Patrick Crain - "Mockingbird Lane: An Entirely Different Animal" Loud

"Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if Leonard Cohen sang for the Misfits? It would sound something like Mockingbird Lane's 5-song demo."

"Christophe's guitar rumbled like the storm clouds outside."

Doug Hill - POP

"Christophe, singer/guitarist for Mockingbird Lane, organizes and finances a lot of these shows himself and deserves more support for his efforts. His three-piece band started their set with an instrumental piece. Christophe's vocals hit the low registers, as he went for a creepy/echoey effect. After being instructed by the Norman police department to turn down the volume, they finished the set with a Joy Division cover."

"it would be a crime to waste Christophe’s fantastic voice on undecipherable screams." - "While I want MBL to keep rocking, I would kill to hear an all acoustic album from Christophe and company."

Rob Monroe - "Reviews" Finding Datura #3

"I'd say that this is like the MISFITS with LOU REED singing" - "I get a feeling of authenticity + these guys seem to have a lot of heart"

"Day of the Sick, Mockingbird Lane, Procession in March, etc. are bands who try their best to carry on the punk banner, but they mix it with elements of death rock and horror punk - things that are truly nonconformist."

Patrick Crain - "Soundly Speaking" Loud

"it's obvious these guys have their heart in the right place (a jar in thier laboratory)."

Jim - "Reviews" Gorehound #3

"sounds along the lines of Nick Cave or even a bit of Leonard Cohen: quite dark, yet basically very straightforward, too."