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“Canadian based band, Happenstance releases a new CD, Everything Changes. For all you Happenstance fans, this is a new adventure that proves change is a good thing. Brian Gallagher is a one man band teaming up with powerhouse vocalist Tamara Clark. Together they satisfy all you pop music lovers with hooky tunes and a positive message, that is what makes Happenstance loved and admired by their fans. This CD has a fresh calmness that demonstrates that less is more. It has a clear and concise production that wraps around the singer’s voice like a warm blanket, painting lovely pictures of compassion for the love of the game. This is a musicians CD, there are so many aspects of it that only other musicians may notice or appreciate like the raw emotion and vivid sweat put into the smallest detail of each song. It is layered with meticulous melodic substance and subtleties that have a commercial appeal, but also speaks to one’s more creative side.”

“Quebec based folk/rock band, Happenstance is made up of Tamara Clark (Vocals), Brian Gallagher (Guitar/Bass/ Keys/ Vocals) and Nick Thompson (Drums/ Vocals). The band has released their third studio album, “Everything Changes” on September 19, 2015. The album was recorded live off the floor at their home, which makes it unique and very impressive. The album features ten full length songs, which merge pop, folk and rock to create an impressive sound that is quite addictive. I enjoyed the first two songs, but the one that stuck with me is the third track, a soulful sounding track called, “I’ll See Your Face” about a man who loses the love of his life, the lyrics are touching and quickly brought chills over me. As the album plays on, I found I enjoyed each song thoroughly. Although, the final song entitled “Younger Days” was the other song that really stuck with me. It has a high energy beat, that will have your feet tapping immediately and if you’re like me, you’ll b”

“Giving us a glimpse at their debut self-titled CD Happenstance has pre-released their new single “Gone Baby Gone” as a taste of what is to come. I really enjoyed the song. There is a lack of credible rock acts with female lead singers – Paramore being the most obvious example tend to err more towards pop rock. In this way the Canadian band is a breath of fresh air and at certain points during ‘Gone Baby Gone’ reminds me of L7, which is never a bad thing. While there isn’t really much substance to the lyrics it is definitely a song you can sing along with after a few listens and the hook is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for a while. There’s a hint of country and western about her which is broken up by a solid guitar performance, leading to an interesting combination of styles.”

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