Hapizzez from The SOG Crew / Press

“The whole concept is that we’re fighting for love, for the ones we love: our family, our community, our neighbors. My sphere of influence is the whole country right now”

“Our Fighting 4 Love project (2016) is definitely a message of hope to all our faithful S.O.G. Crew following and to all of our recent fans.”

“This album is amazing with so many messages of hope.”

“This is just the beginning for new partnerships here in North America and the world. We welcome The Rude Boy culture from Asia with open arms.”

“We have agreed to visit the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hickam Air Force Base, Praise Chapel, Victory Outreach, Next Step Shelter, Hope Chapel, Honolulu International Christian Church”

“Various Artist Anaheim Mixtape Vol.2”

““I may be a liar / But I speak the truth / Sometimes you get lost / When you lose your roots.” Way to say absolutely nothing, buddy.”

“We dedicate our Anaheim Mixtape Vol.1 to Little Michael Martinez and to all the families that have lost loved ones to gang violence.”

“GUILDWORKS GLOBAL INITIATIVES RAP°2°RHAPSODY (Hapizzez Track17) ...a worldwide creative cultural initiative, engaging global music through socially conscious enterprise, spiritually encouraging disenfranchised inner-cities and ethnoindigenous communities.”

“Anaheim Mixtape Vol. 2 features artists from around the United States and Canada.”

“goal for the Anaheim Mixtape is for the artist to gain national recognition.... artists featured are... Hapizzez from San Diego”

“The S.O.G. Crew, Hapizzez, Braille... This mixtape consists of people that we have built relationships with throughout the years”

“Hapizzez... has used his talents and connections with the US Military to perform volunteer work around the world.”

“The S.O.G. Crew and Hapizzez will be joined by Martin Cantu... It is time to reach out to the people of Hawaii”

“Recording artist Hapizzez is making a buzz in Los Angeles & San Diego. His conscience arrangements are energizing the local music scene.”

Ray Suggs - SparkFire Management

“Regrets feat Braille "approved and placed in our scheduled rotation"”

"New song ... intended to spark a positive change in reducing school violence"