Hanz & Mysterious Part / Press

“Very impressive musical images. Much respect”

Tim Mayo

“Creatively Brilliant, Soulful, You Rock Solid! Best Regards!”

Sean ,Enoch. Arcane

“heavy duty sound!!! BROKEN DREAMS * much success & cheers”


“very solid sound and delivery you have here. respect from chicago. g”

Thadeus Project

“Love your sounds very unique! "Broken dream symphony"”


"Empty Box" is a great song - love the guitar/drum solo!!!

Boux/levine xperience

“awesome tracks sound like a movie sound track~:o] also like empty box!great piano on broken dream very haunting...”


“we're just rookie music player....!!”

Hanz & Mysterious Part

“they start with their heart & soul.....!!”

fred johnson

“nice music n make me move.....”

musicology record

“we dont know music too much......but we just put any idea on our head into our project”

Hanz & Mysterious Part