Hannah Rose Platt / Press

““Platt doesn’t put a foot wrong in a series of superb vignettes…one of the most assured and accomplished debuts of the year” * * * * * (5 Stars)”

““London-based Americana musician debuts compassionate and mesmerising album …This gifted storyteller takes the essence of human struggles, love and heartbreak, and intertwines them into tender songs surrounded by hope and fragility…Hannah Rose Platt has compiled a touching and sweet album featuring songs based upon honest and relatable stories which will surely launch a successful musical career.” * * * *”

““Portraits' is a wonderfully accurate title for Hannah Rose Platt's first CD. Every song on the album is a miniature picture, a thumbnail sketch frozen in time. There's almost a sense of 'Pictures in an Exhibition' as successive tracks pass in front of you; each one having its own characters and its own story to tell…This is a remarkable debut album. Both the writing style and performance are self-assured and mature. Hannah Rose Platt's voice is clear, melodic and her performances bring her stories to life. She is an artist who really knows what she is doing and where she is going. She's going to the top.””

““Hannah Rose Platt uses the combined beauty of her lyrical wisdom and wondrous vocals to populate a blank canvas of a debut record in remarkable and mature portions… On a record simply but beautifully crafted, Hannah explores some deep seated concepts using guile, awareness and a flair for using the song writing medium to invoke some serious character studies. ….without any hesitation, endorsement of this near faultless debut work is forthcoming and PORTRAITS is as pure and natural an album you could wish to listen to. Hannah Rose Platt is a welcome addition to the UK music scene and proud accomplice to a record sealed to add value to your precious listening experience.” – 3 Chords and the Truth UK”

"A country-folk singer destined for musical stardom...sheer talent & determination...a captivating artist...future big successes to come for this gifted singer-songwriter”

“Hannah Rose Platt is a young, north of England Emmylou Harris in the making. She has the songs, the attitude, the voice and the looks to really do something in music. All she needs now is the luck required and then her career will rocket forward as many, including me, are expecting already.”

Sid Griffin - Sid Griffin