Hannah O'Reilly / Mount Juliet / Press

"It's not a surprise that people were walking out at the end saying it was one of the best gigs they'd seen in a very long time"

Leith Folk Club

"One of the great things about this duo was highlighted when they each did a three song solo spot - it showed that neither of them needs to work together, but that they want and chose to work together"

Leith Folk Club

"It's not possible to isolate one or two top moments to focus on, because the whole show was a top 'moment' "

Leith Folk Club

"Making some of the most distinctive and original music on the Edinburgh scene, you may not be aware of Augustalia now – but you should be"

"[Stiletto] is a song which wants to wake you up in the middle of the night, whisper nightmares in your ear, then slip you something to make you fall back asleep again"

"[Stiletto] is a dark little ditty which wouldn’t sound out of place on David Lynch’s car stereo as he goes cruising down Mulholland Drive at 3 in the morning"

"you were brilliant - made our whole weekend"

Just So festival-goer


Neil Gaiman - Twitter

"What can you say about Hannah O’Reilly? Very little without fear of retribution, if tonight was to be taken seriously"

"Admirable as much for her lack of subtlety as for her talents as a singer-songwriter, Hannah O’Reilly is worth seeing. Believe me."

"[Augustalia] are cast-iron originals on the Edinburgh music scene and deserve to get their stuff heard well beyond the EH postcode zone"

"Like some unholy alliance between Bridget Jones and Amanda Palmer, Hannah sings about relationship breakups and big pants"

"The four tracks on their debut EP ‘It’s Never Too Late To Ask For Your Knickers Back’ smoulder with enough noir rock fire and alt-country warmth to keep the subbest of zero temperatures at bay"

"Augustalia are a band so achingly cool they’re probably responsible for the recent snowfall"

"There was much to like here and comparison could easily be made with the likes of Maeve O’Boyle even if Ms O’Relly was more than a little raunchier in approach"

"The show was great, the language was terrible"

Random audience member @ EP launch

"Hannah’s vocals are also deserving of particular mention, as the New Zealand singer possesses a vocal range which adds emotional depth to every song – no matter what the lyrical content"

"Augustalia’s sound is addictive as some of the substances they sing about"

"wrapping her lips round some rather dirty words with a mischievous and disarming style"

"Hannah commandeers the stage between numbers, ordering tequilas from the bar, throwing plastic kazoos into the audience and generally lapping up the attention and reaction Augustalia deservedly receive"

"Augustalia delight the audience with a set which swaggers and swoons between electric bravado and honey-dripping delight"

"channelling the spirit of the likes of Amanda Palmer [Hannah O'Reilly] sings sweetly about frilly underwear and big white pants"

"Aside from the fact that this is a well crafted piece of music, TMS is deeply approving of EP title It’s Never To Late To Ask For Your Knickers Back"

"Hannah’s crystal-clear vocals and mesmerising harmonies take on the mood of a fallen angel knowing she’s watching the sunset for the very last time"

"If 'Foolish' was a drink, it would be absinthe on the rocks. Make that a double"

"like being engulfed by a tidal wave in slow motion, the track gently sweeps you away"

"A perfect marriage of melody and lyrics….a true antidote to the utter mediocrity of pop idol et al” – Paul Tasker,

Paul Tasker - Celtic Music Radio

"one of the stars of the show"

Leonard Harper-Gow - Rowchester Music Festival

“What a stunning voice... really unique and hits you between the eyes.”

Eddie Raynor - (Split Enz)

“O’Reilly’s ‘Honesty’ was probably the best song of the night…”

Martin Lennon - The Evening News

“a mere 30 seconds of any one of Hannah’s 40-something long repertoire of originals, and you’d have your hand in your pocket, keen to get a copy of this acoustic gem (The Eve Sessions EP 2004)”

Jay Hollows - The Weekend Chronicle (NZ)

“Black-clad, wearing no shoes, and singing straight from the soul, 24-year-old New Zealander Hannah O’Reilly, is a confident and charismatic performer. From the ethereal Blues Boy to the self-deprecating Stupid Girl, she is entrancing…”

Barry Gordon - The Evening News