Hank Barbee / Press

“Hank Barbee is the name. Remember it. Remember his face. Remember that VOICE. Because we believe this guy will take it to the top. Back in December, we introduced you to him as part of the wonderful group, Belle Vici. And now that he's gone solo, we jumped at the chance to talk to him again. As you read this interview, you'll find that Hank has a way with words. He's a natural writer and his ability to translate this to music makes for a captivating combination. His album is an examination of the bumps, bruises, and healing of his life's journey. And every song is good, no.....great, no....FANTASTIC and inspiring. Take a listen to his album down further in the post, and be sure to read more about his work with Restore One.”

“FaceBook message to me from overseas: "Hi Hank, my name is Joaquin Lopez and I run a record shop in Madrid (Spain) called Rock & Roll Circus. Today I had the lucky chance to hear your self-titled debut and I really think you've made a brilliant Americana/Pop Roots effort. Great songwriting, perfect melodies, great voice, classic stuff. I've checked your You Tube videos and let me tell you what a fantastic performer you are. Brilliant voice ,songwriting, and tasteful guitar playing. I'd like to buy CD copies directly from you. Can you give me your best price for an independent retailer like me? Sincerely from your # 1 Spanish fan & friend, Joaquin" I was touched. How cool is that?!? Needless to say, we struck a deal :) -HB”

Joaquin Lopez Diaz - FaceBook