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"Hank & Cupcakes singer had won over the audience at the Zumiez Stage today at Bamboozle Festival with her dancing and drumming.The act's new wave-inspired funk rock was about ten degrees removed from mainstream pop -- and every time the singer came out from behind the drums to shake it, Hank Cupcakes made that 10 percent irrelevant. We'll be hearing from this pair again."

"Hank & Cupcakes manages to combine superb songwriting with the infectious rhythmic patterns of early '70s disco and funk, and audience-friendly hooks. This EP is cohesive and it is the mastery over pop hooks and the organics of funk that result in an impressive first release. Hank And Cupcakes have found their voice early, a voice that will no doubt rise above the crowd."

“If you didn't get wasted, riot-slash-dance, lose your underpants, and do something shameful on February 17, 2011, then you weren't partying with electro-raunch tag team Hank & Cupcakes at Bardot. Don't ever make that mistake again.”

""Hank & Cupcakes - 10 Rising Acts You Need To See At Bamboozle 2011"

"Fresh New Artist"


"15 Musical Acts Positioned To Break Out In 2011: Hank and Cupcakes - The most fun you will have listening to any band in the new year -- guaranteed! The Brooklyn husband and wife duo are a two person Gogol Bordello and they will have you stomping across the aisles."

"Hard and fast yet so electro disco, Hank & Cupcakes spin vicious pop that is just as good for rocking out as it is for dancing. They sound insanely polished, they have boundless energy…either we’re getting punked somehow or this duo is looking at quick big things."

Metromix NY

“Their infectiously poppy self-titled EP is a four-track teaser to their frenetic live shows, where Cupcakes, clad in Chuck Taylors and spandex dresses, stands to bang her drum kit and puts down her sticks to catalyze dance parties in front of the stage."”

"I walked in mid set of Hank & Cupcakes at Mercury Lounge...Within thirty seconds of walking in I was moving right along with the rest of the crowd. The music was so overwhelmingly provocative..with a sexy, cheeky charm that makes you want to dance, makes you want to party, makes you want to grope and make-out with strangers...I think I just found my new role model."

““We create something new every time we play we play and invite the audience to take part in the process,” Cupcakes explains, and that is exactly what happened when the duo brought their explosive sound the New York City’s famed Mercury Lounge in early June. Hank and Cupcakes have been touring the world on the heels of their infectious self-titled debut EP..." ”

"The crowd at Mercury lounge, snug to the stage, was following Cupcakes's lithe moves and taking every technical difficulty as a chance to prolong the show; “more and more” was their body language..."

"As Hank & Cupcakes set the stage on fire at Mercury Lounge with their sonic pop tapestry, flashes of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore danced in the periphery. New to NYC, Hank & Cupcakes are quickly hooking everyone in their path with their dirty gloss and sweet edge. The sound was crisp and tuned, the energy was fuzzy and warm and the mood was soul."

"Then…the music started and the rest is history..." The C Train - 6.3.10

“Hank & Cupcakes Video Interview ”

“Cupcakes blog on Modern Drummer Magazine! ”

"Based on the release of their EP, Hank and Cupcakes definitely have a great future ahead of them. Two of the songs on this EP are probably the most danceable rock tracks you’ll hear in the first half of 2010" The Whiskey Dregs - NYC, 5.12.10

"The remarkable duo gustily riled up the crowd at Greenwich Villages’ Le Poisson Rouge last Wednesday night for their new EP release..Debuting their performance with their song “Pleasure Town,” the pop and minimalist experimental couple instantly filled the venue with infinite glory"

"This duo has it's own sound that is undeniable poppy with a live performance that is mesmerizing.."

"Hank & Cupcakes have established themselves as one of those uniquely elite groups that one simply must see. The new self titled EP not only translates their live show but, in rare fashion, delivers an even grander glimpse of the band’s ability. The EP is perfect, and certainly gives this original duo the firepower they’ll need to change Hank & Cupcakes from New York’s favorite import into its proudest export."

"Hank & Cupcakes manage to create fun, vibrant music that makes just about everyone want to dance.."

The Aquarian Weekly, NJ

"Together, Hank & Cupcakes create wildly invigorating music that is full of danger, mystery, noise, and sex – all the ingredients of great rock and roll."

“Top 10 bands to watch in 2010 "Hank & Cupcakes have consistently been making waves in the Brooklyn/NYC area and their live shows are off the hook. Everyone gets that feeling that they are one second from blowing up and when you catch their act you will understand why"”

"Brooklyn two-piece Hank & Cupcakes have been building considerable buzz based upon their stage presence and high energy live show. Their set, in which they played pretty much every track off their 7-song EP, was nonstop energy with barely a minute to catch your breath"

"Right off the bat this band introduced something sexy, something raw and taboo..Two songs hit you in the face and before you’ve had time to put into perspective how awesome what’s happening really is, you’ve had an orgasm..."

"Mind-stirring and avant-garde, with a gritty rock vocal and a continuous deliverance of catchy, perfectly executed bass walks. Hank and Cupcakes' overall presence is unparalleled - it is a must see live show"

"Brooklyn duo Hank & Cupcakes pumps out tight, funky indie pop with impressively sturdy hooks"

Time Out New York

"this power pop duo will have you awed"

"Butt shaking and heartbreaking, Hank & Cupcakes' beat-driven electro-pop bursts with fresh bass hook lines, sexy grooved and remarkably multifaceted vocals. ...an amazing mix of emotive power and free thinker attitudes exploding into stirring electro fantasies"

The Deli Magazine

"...that girl can SING like the love child of Patti Smith and Cyndi Lauper. I dare you to listen to "Beat" and not marvel at the power of Cupcakes' vocals. The result? A sound that is wild and crisp. Poppy but bold. A guilty pleasure but with enough artistic merit to not illicit shame…"

"Hank and Cupcakesí brand of dance music is both well-executed and catchy. Standing at the drums, Cupcakes kept the beat and remained alarmingly pitch perfect as Hank brought the funk with some incredibly skillful bass work..."

"There's star power here and more than just a glimmer of it...Hank, on guitar, stood sexy and stoic as he channeled some of funk's best reverberating loops. Cupcakes, on drums, also stood (that's right), optimizing both her vocal prowess and her ebullient stage presence"

"The distinctive edgy sound and overall attitude of this minimalist but successful duo is reminiscent of New York Cityís energy and restlessness combined with bits of soulfulness and youthful spirit"

"Armed only with a drum kit, a bass guitar and a complete disregard for their own limitations, the two smack and slap their way through herky-jerky dance-pop songs that bristle with sass and sexuality"

"We have fallen head over heels for Pop/Electro band Hank and CupcakesÖ Mixing pop, rock and electro they stir up the genre's to create a new hybrid of pure, intelligent music that get's you ready for a night out"