hands upon black earth / Press

“I was lucky enough to be sent a promo copy of the excellent “The True Harvest“, by Hands Upon Black Earth. The True Harvest is an atmospheric, melodic audio journey filled with moments of absolute bliss, right from the first track. I can’t recommend this album higher, you need to have it in your collection and enjoy it over and over again.”

“I was suprised to see that this album isnt better known on Amazon ~ It certainly deserves it. Pulsing and compelling, Hands Upon Black Earth is a beautiful work.”

DJ ATF - Amazon customer review

“If you manage to get your hands on one of the early prints of this consider yourself lucky. This is a dark, moody, hypnotic, and very compelling disc of music.”

The Information - Amazon customer review

“Wow... I drive between Buffalo and Albany - about 300 miles - 4 times per month. I have listened to just this CD on those trips more than once. "Timeagain" is incredible; it's a truly amazing song.”

Vin - CD Baby fan

“deliciously dark, but never heavy, this album takes me on a beat-filled journey through my body and heart. it is equally great for zoning out on in a dark room, alone, as it is for hanging with friends and letting its groove move the night along. just try it, you'll be glad you did!”

Ursi - CD Baby fan