Handsome Jack / Press

“This record is probably more fun than the first Black Crowes record—which from an influence/aesthetics standpoint, it oddly evokes—and were it to bear a Harvest Records imprint and a 1970 copyright date, no one would bat an eye. Which must mean it’s really good.”

“This band seamlessly blends classic blues/rock of old with fresh indie swagger. Their raw talent and originality is quite uncommon for bands of their genre. Lead guitar player Jamison Passuite puts on a guitar slaying seminar every time he hits the stage, he is worth the price of admission alone. There is something magical about being able to stand 5 feet away from dudes jamming this hard and not have to fight a crowd.”

“The record consists of 11 loud, rambunctious tracks of sweaty venue blues. Charged and snarling, the Jacks hold nothing back, hinting that their live game is likely twice as powerful. A cleverly-wielded rock organ and whining guitar runs are at the center of Handsome Jack’s heft, grounded by throbbing drums and better-than-average whiskey-drenched-lead-singer vocals.”

“What sets Handsome Jack apart from the thousands and thousands of bands in Buffalo is this. They construct excellent songs filled with memorable hooks and choruses, all while maintaining feel and tone. They are retro, but at the same time fresh. They pay homage to the groups that influenced them but still have enough balls to strike out on their own and do their own thing. Supermoon continues in the tradition of high quality that this band has come to represent. ”

“The garage rock scene in Buffalo is dominated by one band: Handsome Jack. Veterans of psychedelic rock since the mid 2000s, the four-piece band from Lockport look to release their latest full-length album, Super Moon, this Saturday (Sept 17) at Nietzsche’s. On their 2007 album Heatseeker Handsome Jack revealed some heavy, 1970s influenced garage rock with a punked-up modern edge. They honed that sleezy blues rock sound on their 2009 self-titled follow up only to turn the tides on Super Moon. Where their previous two albums had them teetering on the edge of Black Rebel Motorcylce Club-like heavy rock, Super Moon lowers the gravity with pop structures, thick melodic guitar riffs, and down-home vocals. With a little more cowbell these guys would step into Mountain territory, but instead their sound stays firmly planted between Captain Beefheart and Led Zeppelin. ”

"Handsome Jack initially came out of the gate with a brutal and blistering take on psychedelicized punk-blues. In the time since, the quartet has expanded its sound, flexed its musical muscle, and become a heavy band that defies easy categorization. Meanwhile, the songs just keep getting stronger, as even your first listen to the new“Super Moon” album will make clear."