Handles / Press

"Handles. I can’t say I like many rappers these days, but I like you. I like your energy. I like how your voice is an instrument onto its own that compliments the beat especially in a day and age of Hip-Hop when voices are separate entities that have a flow of their own; many times in sharp contrast to the beat(better known as as not rapping on beat)."

"His lyrics and delivery are superb. Keep a lookout for Handles to make some major noise within the industry."

"You can tell by Handles' flow, style, and persona that he is in tune with his hip hop roots and takes after the image as well. His metaphors and similes will remind you of early Nas and Jay-Z, or more recent underground emcee Skyzoo."

"I had previously heard some of his joints on YouTube and liked where dudes head was. So when the mixtape dropped I was like yes sirree! Let me tell you. I was not let down. Neck was hurting after it was over. I mean, it’s a head nodder most of the way through. And lyrically, he takes me back to a time when it wasn't just about money, it wasn't about fame, it was about respecting the culture and dropping jewels in your ear." - Ms.Anita, becauseilovehiphop.com

"one of hottest young niggas on the fucking planet, and thats right, I am cosigning this nigga!" - DJ Young Cee, Shadyville/G-Unit's DJ

G-Unit Records

"I was impressed and I think they will be too." - Soul Wallace, COO, Business Manager for Skyzoo

Shining Shadow Recordings

"While many rappers in their adolescent 20’s struggle to locate the adjectives in their minds to express the emotions of their verses, he seemingly effortlessly flows his thoughts through his mouth, censor-free. Proving to listeners both young and old how set apart he is from the social stigma of rappers today." - Aundréa Murray, DMVculture.com

““Handles' youthful vigor is matched only by his surprisingly mature musical ability.” - A&R Select”

A&R Select

"He is truely a great lyricist and a great storyteller." - Wilbo VP of Royalty Life Records, LLC

Royalty Life Records, LLC