Handful of Luvin' / Press

“From start to finish Handful of Luvin’ is one impressive catalog of music. The music is highly original, uplifting, & extremely entertaining. Note for note, song for song there isn’t a weak piece on this entire catalog. The writing & playing abilities of this 4 piece are rock solid. The lyrics are catchy lyrics, & the melodies are well crafted & hooky. Last but not least the vocal presence from frontman David John is world-class. All in all - “Life In Between” is one of the best CD’s that’s come across my desk this year. If you like Rob Thomas, Dave Matthews Band with a splash Celtic flair then you should definitely jump into “Life In Between” head first!"”

“JULY 9, 2010 - With the music industry squarely focused on pulsating electronic pop sounds, one would begin to wonder whatever happened to that 90's college radio aesthetic which rewarded musicianship and content above celebrity. The Seattle-based Jam-Americana band HANDFUL OF LUVIN have both musicianship and content to spare on their latest offering LIFE IN BETWEEN, an engaging concept album (a first for the band according to violinist ANDREW JOSLYN) detailing the rocky, winding road of life. Despite the heaviness of this oh-so ambitious approach, the music is never weighed down by good intentions . In fact, HANDFUL OF LUVIN are an adept band of troubadours who aren't about to let their rich, earthy sound grow stale or have it fall upon deaf ears given their ability to change rhythms at a moments notice. The results here are amazing, memorable and - above all else - catchy."”

“. . .we walked outside to the Pierce Transit Park right as Handful of Luvin’ began playing. Um, wow. Just wow. Good gravy in all that’s made from butter, I am in love. I was so drawn in. The voice, the violin, the rhythm, I couldn’t help but want to dance. I was drawn to the stage, and immediately began taping. The crowd was nuts, the dancing, the energy, and vibes of happiness. These people loved this band, and I craved more when they were done. I will definitely be seeing more of them soon.”

“ "A potpourri of all great bands we've loved before, each member brings his own unique sound and experience to the stage, formulating an utterly beautiful frenzy. The violinist is mesmerizing as he plays away with all the sound and fury of a regular rock star. And it doesn't hurt that the singer and songwriter is unassumingly gorgeous — maybe the sweat oozing down our face at their last show wasn't just from dancing."”

Seattle Weekly

"Handful comprises a fine mix of experimental violin/fiddle on top of John Mayer-esque songs with undertones of harder blues rock, Celtic riffs and classical compositions. It’s a new music sensation that has lately been generating well-deserved hype in the Northwest."