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“There aren’t words to describe the sheer magnitude of power, craftsmanship and absolute conviction in this album. It’s just an epic delight of anthemic metal, featuring the best and most addictive sounds you’ll hear this year. Add ‘Traitor’ to your top 10 metal albums now. 10/10 **********”

“Overall, an intelligently crafted EP, with plentiful twists and turns and lots of listenability. Fizzing with fiery passion and excitement and bags of imaginative vision. 8/10 ********”

“Traditional British metal here with a distinctly Maiden flavour to both Steve Blowers vocals and guitar work. But Last Ride is also studded with elements of early speed (Raven?), infused with enough punk snarl to keep the more expansive power metal elements nicely grounded Favorite track: Apophis.”

“Since the release of their second album, ‘IX’ two years ago the band have grown and evolved, culminating in the release of their E.P. ‘The Last Ride’ with a distinctive new sound, reminiscent of the NWOBHM movement of the early eighties. The band still retain the high energy, bombastic style that has earned them a loyal following. Overall, NWOBHM sounding release but with modern touches, this is an infectious, addictive and memorable heavy metal romp.”

“Completing this EP is ‘Apophis’ which starts again acoustic then builds and what I find remarkable here is around the 2 minute mark when the vocal tone becomes similar to Tony Coldham (The Deep) with the previous more sinister verse musically touching elements of the NWOBHM of Elixir and Midnight Messiah. There are plenty of references you could choose, I for one am pleased it’s not a copycat, it’s a British metal album made damn good from a band that have been knocking on the door for a number of years. I think with this one, it’ll work, it’s a damn fine release and truly worthy of more than mere underground movement support.”

“Hamerex prove that there are still bands that are not only inspired by the classic metal acts of yesteryear but are also more than capable (and willing) to carry the torch forward for the genre! Great band, great songs, solid EP, I just wish that it was an album!”

“So there we have it, another fine release from a band keeping the flag flying for British Heavy Metal. Hamerex seem to stick to what they know, which is classic influenced NWOBHM with Thrashy pinches. They don’t experiment with different styles instead they do what they do well. I’m really looking forward to what the next album will bring, each release seems to have something stronger. For me the vocal on this EP has really rounded off the classic sound and it bodes well for album number 3.”

“With THE LAST RIDE, Hamerex has expanded their sound, the range of Blower’s vocals allowing for a wider spectrum of music. It has less thrash elements than IX and wades more into traditional metal and NWOBHM, while still including some progressive parts. From a production perspective it is probably self-produced, and while decent and clear, it is not extraordinary. Overall, THE LAST RIDE serves as a satisfactory test of the band’s lineup without Moules at the mic stand. I am looking forward to seeing how the band’s sound continues to evolve with a more versatile Blower now at the helm. THE LAST RIDE should appease fans until the next full-length album and be of interest to lovers of traditional metal.”

“Strikes me that this band just want to keep pushing forward and each time they do they produce something worth listening to time and again.”

“What I love most about Hamerex is the way they display poignant strings with bone crushing moments so it isn’t just one thing you get but a combination of everything!”

“Hamerex delivered a flawless performance. Chris’s voice was better than I’d ever heard it and that is true of some of the recordings too. Blower was exceptional on Guitar and the Bass and drums were perfectly in sync. The crowd really enjoyed them and I was especially pleased to see some of the younger crowd hanging around to watch them and really enjoying it. It was inevitable that there was going to be an encore and this came in the form of Metallica’s So What. A last chance for a participating crowd and, by now, tired Chris Moules to unify in voice and send him off to pastures new with a memorable night.”

“With a title like "IX" it will come as no surprise that this is Hamerex's second album. Hang on, that can't be right! Ok, so it's their ninth release if you count demos and singles. The band hail from Wakefield and play metal that borders on thrash. There's a definite Iron Maiden influence in there, and also a bit of Testament. All in all, this is pretty good. It does have its limitations, but these are more to do with budget than talent. Opening with a brief instrumental, "IX Circles", which owes more than a nod to "Ides of March", the band hit their stride with "The Life of Death". It's very traditional metal, with shouty vocals and some nice guitar work. Like I said, the only real criticism is in the production. But then if you have an album of NWOBHM influenced metal, then a rough production just adds to the authenticity. - 6 Powerpoints”

“The track of the album for me is ‘The Night of Samhain‘. An epic 11 minute journey of mythical adventure with some excellent musical sequences, time changes and story telling and that’s what Hamerex are about. Crafted musicians writing music how they like it without trying to fit into any specific genre of ‘Heavy Metal’ and telling there story how it should be done. Go and see them live, I’m confident you will be head banging or at the very least, nodding your head. - 4/5”

“I love the catchy and economical riffs driven by pulsing bass and fort-holding drums. Moule’s vocals are perfect, hearkening back to a golden and oft-forgotten era. Fans of Meliah Rage, Anvil, Iron Maiden and NWOBHM will enjoy Hamerex, as will fans that are looking for simple head-banging metal without all the complications to go along with frothy ale. 4.0/5”

“Hamerex are onto something great with IX and after a slightly shaky start have proven that they’re certainly a force to be reckoned with. - 7/10”

“I am genuinely impressed with the improvement of Hamerex’s song writing, the arrangements and their obvious hard work has paid off and is showing fruit, but I would still like to hear this band behind a big studio production. That said, ‘IX’ is British metal without the bullshit and it is a cool release to celebrate nearly ten years in the business, which seems to be a rare achievement in these days. - 7/10”

“Hamerex prove that Yorkshire’s metal scene is well and truly thriving. Whilst the album had a bumping start to its journey, it soon made up for it with the differing elements each member bring to the band and the music. From Megadeth sounding bass lines to roaring NWOBHMesque vocals and everything in between, IX is certainly one album to grab for the collection. - 4.5/5”

“The British ground’s still fertile in terms of Metal, and I must thank HAMEREX for such a good music. My ears and mind really thank you. - 8/10”

“Hamerex "IX" is a promising second released. Listen to this album a couple of times, the music will easily sink and memorable. Keep an eyes of them.”

“On reaching Wakefield – now dubbed Hamerex country I felt that excitement of getting to witness the guys perform live and Hamerex did not disappoint. Track after track and despite an encore the set just whizzed by to a close. Again another explosive performance from a well-respected band this gig will be hard to top and I will make sure I keep re-living the moment for a long time to come! And yes 10/10 for all three bands was a foregone conclusion – to give any less would be just a crime and despite being speechless I have somehow managed to put together a ‘nearly’ coherent review, amid all the drooling... now I am off for counselling!!!”

“Coming to a close with Still the Wall Remains, closing the album as it began and leaving no doubt that this is a band on the rise, a band we should be paying some serious attention to, and a band that we can’t afford to ignore any longer. - 9/10”

“Hamerex for me will never lose their allure and appeal. The slow, dark, heavy melodies are compelling and intriguing with strong rhythms that really add depth to their quirky and unique sound. This certainly is one of the most outstanding albums of 2013. - 10/10”

“Hamerex are a great exciting band and in IX they have a strong solid metal album that really show cases their talents. Well worth checking out! - 9/10”

“IX is a solid and well produced album which shows the diversity of Hamerex, a talented band who are not afraid to experiment with different genres of the Metal/Rock scene which results in a varied and thoroughly enjoyable album. - 4/5”

“Overall, a very good album that combines thrash metal, doom metal and hard rock with a superb growl-like performance, proving that British heavy metal is not dead.”

“These guys are definitely worth your time, they have spent a lot of time crafting their material and they play live a hell of a lot too. This album will definitely please you if you are a fan of proper British heavy metal. - 10/10”

“This is a huge leap forward from their previous album, musically more advanced, definately more experimental, improved vocals and better production, this one is a must have for your collection. - 10/10”

“Throw in some groove laden riffs, some standard but well worked guitar solos and the mandatory good time feel and there you have it, Hamerex in all their glory. Hamerex truly have earned their own rites of passage and even though it has been a long time in coming this is one debut album that has been well and truly worth the wait.”

"Rites of Passage" is a hot tip for friends British steel

“Throughout this album there’s heavy, but there’s also melody and harmony, meaning what you get is the complete package. I can’t wait to see how they follow this album, as I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be very cool!”

“The twin guitars are just a joy to hear giving it a classic metal album feel along with the powerful riffs. It is an album that I will have on my playlist all the time cause it is that damn good”

“All in all this is a pretty solid debut from the Yorkshire guys, and one I would definitely recommend if you like your music to headbang to.”

“The Wakefield bunch certainly know what vein of metal they belong to. This album’s well-worth getting hold of and I can imagine they’re well-worth a see too.”

“This is the third release I have reviewed by this Yorkshire Heavy Metal band, I always like to see if acts have developed, and to this group’s credit, the new songs are very much an improvement in song writing and execution”

“All in all I would say “Rites Of Passage” is an impressive album seeing as this is their first full-length and definitely worth picking up. I look forward to see what they have in store for us in the future!”

“'Rites Of Passage' brings a whole new stance on the meaning of original and traditional, this is by far one of the most impressive rejuvenations of old style metal to be unleashed, a sheer class of absolute proportions.”

“The whole album has some instantly memorable guitar parts and lyrics, which can only be good, and I'm sure is a sign of sturdy songwriting. Personally, I'd reccommend Hamerex to anyone who was after some good old fashioned, take-no-prisoners heavy metal.”

“If you’re looking for Traditional Heavy Metal with an edge, look no further. ”

“All in all this is one helluva album and proof that the best metal still comes from this side of the Atlantic”

“from what you hear on ‘The Lycan’ this is a British band doing everything a metal band should do.”

“Hamerex are, quite simply, one of the best traditional style metal bands to emerge in recent years”

“This Wakefield band are making a great attempt at the bandwagon trend of re-creating traditional metal”

“Hamerex boasting a thunderous, thrashy sound that isn’t afraid to make full use of a fretboard. The band are tight and give the impression that they’ve been together for just about always”

“There are some great bands around at the moment playing Traditional Metal... and Hamerex are definitely one of them.”

“Gates of Hades shows Hamerex are a band to keep an eye on,”