“Nashville rock band Halo Stereo is making their LA debut with a showcase at The Viper Room on January 14th, 2010. Halo Stereo blends American rock with UK-influenced melodies tapping into a vein of pop rock music that is topped off with psychedelic lyrics and well honed musicianship.”

“Halo Stereo is the face and sound of contemporary Progressive music, combining classic influences with every facet of modernity — technological advances, emotional detachment, bug-eyed wonder, misty-eyed nostalgia. Without drifting into meandering half-hour excursions up their own asses.”

“Sounding like older Muse mixed with bits of Radiohead and enough metallic guitars to make any kid want to mosh his heart out, Halo Stereo are like the best of both the metal and indie worlds.”

Paul Zimmerman - First Coast News: Halo Stereo Lead The Invisible War

“Halo Stereo, Nashville, TN recording rock band, has been selected out of thousands of submissions as Fuse On Demand TV artist of the month for April 2009. Halo's debut video, Blindfold, will be available to audiences nationwide starting April 1st. ”

Junkie Jones - Indie Junkie: Halo Stereo selected for Fuse TV April