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“Our newest press release.”

“Hey Jeff, I got my bass Friday and it rules!! It plays great and looks brutal, I am VERRY happy! Thank you for all you've done to get this to me, I'm very impressed with your customer service and I will definitely be buying my next bass from your company. Thank you again.......Tim”

Tim - Independent Review

“I love my Inverted guitar. I really love it! I love the tone I get from it, I love the way it looks, it is a great guitar!I am digging some of the new guitar styles and want to use Halo Guitars as my main instruments in my studio. -Steve Thiriot ”

Steve Thiriot - Independent Review

“hey all i have my halo guitar it rocks! its awesome i love the body and sound you can fly on the neck with the leads ill have pixs on my site soon all you guitar players you owe yourself to check out these great guitars! Rob Carlton ”

“i like the creativity of halo. it seems that nothing is off limits or out of reach. i will be plased to order a bass when the time is ready. - peter -abriel band ”

Peter - Independent

“Thank's Jeff, you have been great. Once you took charge of this project I knew you were going to be straight to the point and get it done. You are clearly the heart and soul of Halo Guitars. I am very excited to showcase this massive guitar on the "Erase" video. Pete ANAKA”

“This guitar sounds and plays great. It might be my best sounding guitar. I have a PRS, Strat, ESP, Explorer, and it easily holds its own in playability and sound.I may have to get another Reaper at some point! Like I said before, I'm happy to be a Halo artist! Peter ”

“Just want to let you know my Reaper arrived safely today. Feels great and looks great! We are working on our second album right now and I still have all my solos to record. The reaper is going to see a lot of action on this album. Thanks again for doing such a great job on my guitar. Pete AC ”

“Hi..... My son just bought a Halo Fallen Angel guitar… This guitar is great ...plays and sounds perfect. Thank you. ..........................Mark ”

Mark - Independent Review

“I have been playing it a lot and I am really loving it. Great Guitar! Thanks again. I should have new photos soon made and will get some with this guitar. Have a good weekend, Jason ”

Jason - Independent Review

“Still loving the 8-string XSI. Far surpasses the playability and sound quality of all my other guitars. God bless! ~Derek Corzine ”

“Last night I got the chance to jam out on an Ibanez Prestige 8-string with the EMGs and I have to say, the Halo XSI 8-string totally stomps all over that instrument. The overall quality far surpasses the Ibanez. Well done guys!”

“Please pass on to all involved that I am really happy with the new frets and setup (I think you even polished the guitar for me, thank you!). The end surfaces are very smooth and contoured, and the top edge is very nicely polished.”

Dana - Independent Review

“so i have recieved the 667.....which is almost a piece of art..I dont even want to play it, i wanna look at it. it looks like a weapon, not a guitar, which is perfect. Outstanding job. cory ”

Cory - Customer testimonial