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“There are many artists on the underground circuits who rarely if ever get any notice for their musical abilities. Cover bands dominate most clubs and dj's spinning music takes away from original artists chances at showing their passion and skills. Sean Lander from the band The Hallow Society is first and foremost a songwriter with a passion for setting scenes for his lyrics and music. Lander performs with a rarely seen passion and flare in todays scene. A veteran of performing for 3 decades he brings about a relaxing storytellers setting and is amusing with his insights and self depicting rants. His music is haunting,chilling,and understated. Vocally he covers a range from low and soft Danzig style to almost insane Alice Cooper then shifts into a Robert Plant highs creating his own voice. Musically he plays guitar with a command and style that never seems to overpower or seem out of place with the songs he writes. A pleasure to watch and listen to if you have a chance make sure to che”

Stephen Karidas - NY Arts & Culture

“Enjoying your sounds, guys - like the good book says, "ROCK ON!" Best Wishes, Sacha ”

Sacha - ReverbNation

“I love your music. Have wonderful spring. Angélica”

Angelica - ReverbNation

“Hello wonderful friends, Great music, gret guitar play, Powerful and beautiful voice! Thank you for the invite, ♥♥♥Love♥♥♥ Ryo, ”


“Your music is great!! Love that first track”


“There is most likely a million songs with that same title! LOL! We do what we feel inside!!!!You all are great! Love the music! Best Wishes! Jen del rio band ”


“Sean Lander, vocalist for the band HALLOW, Performed a mini acoustic solo set last night. The power of his voice and command of his guitar were intoxicating. The songs had a whole new life to them compared to the studio recordings. Hopefully he will be performing more intimate shows in the future.”

Carl Salmon - Showtime Review

“A brief reveiw of Sean Lander's performance in Sherman New York on Jan 30th 2011 is available at The Hallow Society Facebook page.”