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"Half Drawn’s Breaking Free delivers in every aspect to what the components of an album should be. I found myself looking up www.halfdrawn.com to research when the next release could be expected."

"The lyrical arrangement throughout Breaking Free is both clichéd and innovative, simultaneously. From “Flying” “Ascension” “Clear Water” “Masquerade” and “Taken for Granted” …the overarching journey is laid out through the strength of guitars and reinforced through the percussion of drums. It has been a great deal of time since I have just laid back and listened to an album in this fashion. Half Drawn returned me to a time when music was my very being. I continue on with “Veil of Vanity” “Seven” “Ravenous” along with “Head Held High.” The symbolism illustrates an epic pinnacle. The vocals beseech a hardened sense of emotion whilst the language defies an interior agony. The music carries the listener effortlessly though impending melodies and harrowing vibrations of guitar strings. The highs and lows go beyond the notes, penetrating the soul."

“I've found that needle in the haystack, and it was Half Drawn! The debut album by this Pennsylvania band of rockers is titled 'Breaking Free' and is nothing short of incredible. I am especially impressed by the fact that this is the band's first time releasing an album together, and it sounds so good. The lead vocal is one of the best in the business too. Overall, this band is top notch, Grade A rock music. Now stop reading this review and go buy it already. Let's help keep great music alive!”

"Half Drawn leaves listeners with the sensation that this album needs another spin, immediately. The flow of song placement is genius and the album unfolds smoothly, always keeping listeners engaged. The songs themselves are full of dashes of brilliance and heart-wrenching melodies that will remain long after the songs are over. Lyrically, Half Drawn is an extremely versatile band that has mastered the art of putting emotions into words and those words to music. The instrumentation, vocalization, and overall production throughout are rife with talent and professionalism. Breaking Free is a must-have for anyone who enjoys excellent music and honest lyrics."

"Half Drawn has shown repeatedly that they are masters of songwriting."

"From soft ballads to crunching chords, this band covers the board with regards to changing up their delivery. Each song has similarities, but each song is also unique in itself, and listeners will appreciate this."

"As with each preceding track on the album, the lyrics are very well-written and will hit home with people from all walks of life; this is Half Drawn’s biggest asset, aside from their stellar playing."

"You have to check out their new debut album coming out June 21, 2011 Keep Rocking Out with Your Cocks Out Boys!"

Pornstar Gina Lynn

"Your debut album, "Breaking Free" is so powerful I can't even describe it in words."

Michael Rebholz Jr

“Awesome CD guys ... I Loooooooove it!!!!!! Can't wait until the show! ♥”

Kate Jusino

"The thing I love about Half Drawn is that their music speaks to everyone. Whether you relate to the one singing or the one they are singing about, their music touches everyone that listens. Everyone has their own story, and Half Drawn gives that story a voice. Kudos to the lyricist. The thing I hate about Half Drawn....they didn't make a CD with more songs on it. ;)"

Melissa Troutman

“The cd is freaking awesome guys!!!!”

Lauren Hoffa

"This is literally the best rock band ever..legiiit!"

Cole Theirhalloween Bott

"Good music that has gone through a long and determined evolution."