Fred Hale / Press

“Fred Hale has released a full-length LP that spans multiple genres, each filtered through his own unique style. The album “Diamond in a Haystack,” : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/diamond-in-a-haystack/id576114433 showcases this vision with a selection of tunes that are sure to please. For Hale, the drive and passion for music came early, while living in a trailer home on the banks of the Chena River, deep in the interior of Alaska. Listening to “everything from Ravi Shankar to Led Zeppelin” Hale became a musician-in-training at an early age. The following selection from Hale’s autobiography is taken from the CD’s liner notes: “I began my attempts playing music with percussion. At that time I had no drums, but imagined that the heavy cast-aluminum pots my mother used for cooking sounded very much like Indian tablas. So I proceeded with the creative make-do spirit of a 12-year-old, and pretended that the tablas could be instantly mastered by listening to Indian clas”