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“Basque in the glory of tracks like 'Death Of A Dream' and 'Rise To Revise' which kick off the album with multi-facted flair... 'The Age Of Betrayal' has that latter-era Fates Warning feel, but the twin axe attack of Bodan and rhythm guitarist Zane, keeps matters rough around the edges, a welcome balance. Fast-forward to the break on 'The Age Of Betrayal', making for the ultimate balancing act between both extreme worlds. There's a classic Maiden meets Dream Theater vibe on 'Desecration Day' with drummer Ernie Topran's star rising with a flurry of double-bass beats....the title track 'Building The Towers' leads off with King's X harmonies and a forceful backbeat drives the listener home. 8/10”

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“Loucifer Speaks 2010 Readers' Poll: Band Of The Year (honorable mention behind Iron Maiden) Album of The Year (honorable mention behind Iron Maiden, Black Label Society) Album Art Of The Year”

“Translated from German: For me "Building The Towers" got again a prime album with a monster sound which was once more tinkered by Lasse Lammert & Jon Bodan which I can only recommend each Metal fan. Regardless whether you are fans of QUEENSRYCHE, the new FATES WARNING or CAGE. Don't get me wrong. With the three mentioned bands I only try to let on the direction a bit so that you fairly know what HALCYON WAY is about.....But the sound of the guys is much too independent for being embedded in some drawer. Give the guys of HALCYON WAY and their albums simply a chance and I am sure that you Metal fans all over the world will discover a new band for yourself.”

“I can see Halcyon Way becoming a firm favourite amongst anyone who likes their metal solid, melodic and powerful. 8/10”

“Wow! Long announced, thus the expectations were extremely high for Atlanta's progressive five piece's new album. What the band delivers is unbelievable. Progressive Metal at its best! "Building The Towers" is the album, Queensryche could have made, had they not sold out. Progmetalhero does not rate albums in terms of numbers. But this one would get the maximmum points.”

“First class progressive metal done by outstanding musicians.”

“Surprise of the month! 89/100”

“These guys put a lot of heaviness and aggression into their music, while also putting forth some catchy melodies and amazing vocal harmonies...Halcyon Way puts out a good quality mix of Thrash and Progressive sound via this release. They have impressive heavy guitar riffs, distinguished and precise vocals, as well as an imposing sound that will make you want to listen more and more. 8.5/10”

“The sound is brutally heavy and wonderfully melodious, and it's all tied together with an accessible yet complex progressive structure. The album boasts a superbly balanced production and great musicianship. Add in the quality of the songwriting and this is a very easy album to be instantly impressed with...One of the finest progressive metal albums in recent times.”

“Halcyon Way could be the future of American melodic progressive metal...significant and spectacular American melodic progressive metal. 4.75/5”