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“A new music video from upcoming pop artist Hailey Rowe has left the exact face you see on that handsome mug above plastered on aghast YouTube commenters. Other YouTubers, however, find the singer's "My Boyfriend Is Gay" video cute, campy and fun.”

“The Chicago native struck YouTube gold on Feb. 1, when her video received nearly 23,000 views overnight. A week later, the video boasts nearly 70,000 views and some passionate comments.”

“Hailey Rowe is a singer songwriter from Chicago. She started singing at the young age of 5 five, and started writing and recording songs when I she was just thirteen. Hailey’s songs have been d in TV shows overseas in countries Australia, New Zealand, Norway, and the UK. In the US her songs have been used on Live to Dance and Nick’s Halo Awards. Her latest video “My Boyfriend Is Gay” has hit nearly 95,000 views on YouTube since its release February 1st. You can find Hailey’s music on iTunes and Spotify.”

“Some of the commenters on YouTube are upset about the stereotyping, but it seems like harmless fluff to me. Labels: coming out, pop music, silliness”

“Hailey Rowe has just released her new single "My Boyfriend Is Gay." In the video for the pop song the singer-songwriter laments the fact that her boyfriend actually plays for the other team. References to chocolate-tinis and shots of her gay beau curling his eyelashes abound.”

“As the title suggests, the music video and song are a humorous look at a girl who discovers her boyfriend is gay. “I wrote the song because I thought it was an interesting scenario. Gay guys are the perfect boyfriend,” Hailey said. “I wanted to show acceptance in a lighthearted and fun way. It got the gay stamp of approval from some of friends who are gay,” Hailey said. Although the situation did not happen to Hailey, she says, since the video’s release, she has heard from many girls who have been in that situation. One person who commented on the YouTube video said, “My boyfriend just used this song as a way to come out to me.””

“This video is hilarious. A singer/songwriter named Hailey Rowe just released a music video for her song, “My Boyfriend Is Gay” and it’s awesome. In the video, Rowe sings about the clues along the way that made her discover that her boyfriend is gay – and there are many. From wearing Andrew Christian underwear to TiVo-ing every episode of RHOC – the signs are all there. Rowe sings, “Maybe it was his Cher playlist or his craving to be A-List…” LOL. The video features Blake Peyrot, whom you may recognize from College Humor‘s “Gay Men Will Marry Your Boyfriends,” among other familiar faces like Kristen Kelly from The Bad Girls Club or JD Ordonez from Real World: Brooklyn. My favorite part about this catchy song is that it has a pop country sort of feel and it sounds like something Taylor Swift would sing – and how perfect would the lyrics be for her? At least one of many her exes is bound to be gay. Watch the awesome video, with a bit of a twist at the end,”

“Hailey auditioned for a T-Mobile commercial to be shot at Woodfield Mall on Dec. 1. She was one of 100 singers/dancers selected for the flash mob-style commercial starring T-Mobile girl Carly Foulkes (who appears in all commercials and billboards in her signature pink dress). Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon came from Los Angeles for the taping. He has directed at least five episodes of “Glee” as well as commercials featuring the “Glee” cast, including a recent Chevrolet commercial.”

“Feel-good pop anthem or semi-offensive viral video? Singer-songwriter Hailey Rowe has just released her first single, "My Boyfriend is Gay." The video stars Rowe as a young woman who realizes her perfect boyfriend, played by Blake Peyrot from College Humor’s “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends,” drinks chocotinis through a straw and cries through romantic comedies. So yeah, he's secretly a gay dude. Who would have thought? The video has stirred a bit of an online controversy. While some viewers find the video funny and lighthearted, some have been offended by the tired stereotypes and cheesy lyrics. Last week, The Huffington Post even likened it to Katy Perry’s "Ur So Gay". Cameos include J.D. Ordonez from MTV’s Real World Challenge and Kristen Kelly of The Bad Girls Club.”