Haggard Wulf / Press

“It's hard to place a finger on the genre of Haggard Wulf, but i'd say if you like punk music but you might feel a little tired of hearing the same sounds- Mourningside will make you feel a little new again. Check it out, it's kick ass!”

“Haggard Wulf’s unique sound is just as much a reason to see them as their playful stage presence - Olivia McConnell”

“Haggard Wülf will have you feeling the blues in some way shape or form. Whether it is a slow, marching tune full of woe, or an upbeat rockabilly groove with punk-tinged vocals, Haggard Wülf spans the genre of bluesy rock, and then some. Seldom will a two-piece fill the air with as much resonance and grooving sound as Haggard Wülf.”

“You can tell they enjoy what they do, as well. The group’s electric energy projected into the audience as well. Their stage banter is genuine, casual and funny, and you feel like you are already close friends with these guys as soon as they begin to play.”

“What do Johnny Cash, The Misfits, Slayer, Molly Hatchet, Robert Johnson and Hank Williams have in common? Nope … they’re not all dead but they do all reside in Haggard Wulf’s musical influences! Make no mistake, the Morgantown duo of guitarist Frank Gunner and drummer/vocalist Lee Roy Jenkins mash all those influences up and distill them down to some mighty unique tunes.”

“Thick slices of Danzig-y vocals are slathered with simmered down rockabilly juices to make a stupidly good midnight snack.”

“There are AWESOME good “modern” blues bands out there: Haggard Wulf, Slate Dump, Stalnaker Bros. just to name 3 we’ve enjoyed watching on this tour already. The blues ain’t gonna die because it’s emotional validity is universal.”

“The band that played after me was a band called Haggard Wulf. They are a Horror/Rockabilly/Country band from Morgantown, WV. With only two members, a gravely punk rock style singing drummer (who stood the whole night), and a guitarist playing some chilling surfy rockabilly rhythms they surely filled the room with their unique sound.”

“A 2-piece blues and rockabilly band, Haggard Wulf is guitarist Chris Shuttlesworth and drummer Mike Kulina. The band is quickly becoming a regular of the local scene. Most recently they were one of the few acts to represent Morgantown in Breakthruradio.com's feature, Spotlight on the City.”

“Haggard Wulf are a 2 piece rock n' roll duo based out of Morgantown, WV. The band features Mike Kulina on drums and vocals and Chris Shuttlesworth on guitar and backing vocals. They combine elements of blues, folk, punk and rockabilly into their music. Their set up is very basic, consisting of only a Pearl kick drum and snare to round out the percussion and a Gretsch guitar and Vox tube amp to fill the void. This makes for a quick set-up time in most cases and the ability to throw all of the gear into a car and travel light”

“With only a couple of drums and an electric guitar, Morgantown rock duo Haggard Wülf delivers a captivating macabre vibe with its own twist on blues, folk, and rockabilly. Playing a snare drum and a bass drum while standing up, lead singer and drummer Michael Kulina belts out chilling lyrics with his gruff, soulful voice. Guitarist Chris Shuttlesworth plays mischievously, spurring electric guitar riffs while donning a bit of an outlaw stage presence—a bandana over the bottom of his face.”

"They’re like the Flat Duo Jets in a way. But to say that would imply that they aren’t original. So you’ll just have to go check them out and draw your own conclusions." - John Radcliff

"They bring more sound with just two people than most bands with five. From the strike of the first chord, it's blast off into a rock‘n'roll blues frenzy." - Louis Guiliani

"Utilizing one guitar, a snare drum, a kick drum, and a unique vocal approach, Haggard Wulf promises to be an exceptionally fresh take on contemporary punk." - Hunter Homistek