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“ In Donald Moats, Savannah may have its own Dave Grohl. The singer/songwriter and guitarist in the grunge trio Habitat Noise is, organically speaking, a drummer. The Georgia native spent four years hitting the skins in Los Angeles before coming home, in 2008, to open a recording studio, which he called Habitat Noise. He also taught himself guitar. “When I was out west,” says Moats, “I went through a lot of bands that we would have a singer, then six months later, the singer’s not showing up any more. He’s just gone. We don’t know why. “I just got tired of that, and I wanted to have at least one stable act. And it’s a lot easier doing that, because I can just control that aspect of it, I guess.” Although he plays most of the instruments on Frequencies on Earth, the just–released second Habitat Noise album (available through iTunes and other digital retailers), onstage Moats plays with drummer Chris Nelson and bassist Lisa Lombardi. “I’m ju”

“2 years ago, on a return trip from Los Angeles, Donald Moats founded a small, independent recording studio under the label Habitat Noise with the sole purpose of helping local musicians in their attempts to be heard on a greater scale. "Originally I wrote all the songs that we played – drums, bass, guitar, vocals, you know," Moats said. "I wouldn't say it was one-dimensional at first, but it was pretty much just my perspective. Now everyone has equal writing parts, and they all bring their own flavor into the mix."”

“About a year ago, lead singer and songwriter, Donald Moats, collaborated with drummer, Chris Nelson, bass player, Lisa Lombardi, and guitarist, Chris Horton to form the band, Habitat Noise. They have been performing in Savannah and the surrounding areas ever since.”

“HABITAT NOISE The A through Z of this grungy hard-rock quartet is Donald Moats, a local guy who played drums in a lot of Savannah bands - The Reply being the best-known - before deciding to take the guitar, and songwriting, seriously. ....This all happened after he'd spent four years in Los Angeles "to explore the musical adventure." After playing 40 or 50 shows, for precious little dinero, he returned to Savannah two years ago and put together a home studio. Making a true "solo" record presents a problem, especially when it comes to live performances. "I knew when I wrote all these songs I was going to want to play them out and promote them," Moats says. "I have friends in town that I knew from when I was here before - hey always liked the music, the sound that I created. They're not hired guns, so to speak, because they're friends, but they understand that I will take the band wherever I go, that kind of thing. It's my project.”

“Saturday night, The Jinx will host an indie rock lovers dream as Savannah bands Cusses and Habitat Noise take the stage with Atlanta rockers Carnivores and San Francisco band Social Studies. Cusses is a local three-piece who plays an intense style of rock which "is a defiant release of optimism." The band is touring the Lowcountry but has also plans to tour New York in August of this year. Habitat Noise is a local hard rock band that combines the "powerful sounds of the '90s, with a new rock edge." The band prides itself on having driving guitars, powerful verse vocals, and soaring choruses. The band is touring in support of its latest self titled E.P., which can be found on iTunes or the band's website, www.myspace.com/habitatnoise. ”

“news article featuring Soundspeed talking about recording with Donald from Habitat Noise”

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