Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues / Press

“With her 3.5 octave range, and silken, throaty lower range, Gypsy Elise is the rarest form of vocalist – a female contralto. Her band, the Royal Blues, features her husband Ryan De Sade Way on primary keys and key bass, John Lisi on guitar, Herman Halphen on the drums, and Reginald “The Voodoo Ninja” Smith Jr. on sax. Together, they vividly capture a bohemian, sensual mash-up of blues, R&B, jazz, rock and funk. Basque Gypsy by birth, but essentially southern musician by trade, Elise was born to a family of entertainers; her flower-child era rearing is clearly heard in her music. FSU graduate Way has performed with a dozen professional performing bands, and appears on close to 20 CDs. With a worldwide fan base, more than 50 original songs in radio rotation, and a covers list that ranges into the thousands, Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues were voted New Orleans’ No. 1 Performance Band (per ReverbNation) for eight years running.”

“Mr. Okra was the last of the city's singing street vendors. He was a character with familiar sayings and a catchy tune that many came to know and love. Many of them were captured in the Gypsie Elise song "Mr. Okra," which immortalized the New Orleans tradition and his passion for his work.”

“If I know one thing, it's that Gypsy Elise & Ryan De Sade Way are phenomenal musicians & performers!!! They put on a show like non other & will become your new best friend by the end of the first set. If you don't like having regrets in your life, then don't miss this incredible show!!!!”

Cheryl Taylor - Green Door Music Hall

"I heard you 25 years ago. I heard you again 14 years ago. Hearing you now is experiencing the purest form of magic! You are sublime, lady! "

John F. Perrin - Stage Tour - Music Press

“'"I have been listening to music all my life. Never have I witnessed such precision! You are everything that music has been missing for far too long. Every note is a concerto! Thank you for gracing our stage with your presence!"”

Johansen St. James - Moon Rock Cafe, Music News

"Lady, you got some serious pipes! We have NEVER had this kind of response here! But we sure will from now on! Welcome to the Family!"

Michael Forrester - New Orleans House Of Blues

"To hear Gypsy Elise is a True Experience! I named her album for her, because it's TRUE!! She blows me away, and all her original works are performed at a depth that is rarely seen OR heard anymore."

Catherine Montana Gordon - Montana Press

"This lady, RIGHT HERE... Is to music what Gumbo is to New Orleans! Listen to her once, and you'll realize that just cant NOT listen to her... ALL the time! She gets me HOPPIN' every time! Or cryin! Whatever she wants!"

Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc - Montana Press

“Geaux Pro-Motions is delighted to welcome "Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues" to our family of talented musicians. Now on her 6th CD release, Elise recaptures the true essence of New Orleans culture both past and present through her music. Her exquisite velvety voice hits home to the soul of the listener. Gypsy is the finest live entertainer we have met; No matter the size of the crowd (which is always impressive!) Gypsy Elise gives a performance as if she is at a stadium.”

Angela Covey - Geaux Pro-Motions, Louisiana

"Don't let the pretty face fool you. Soulful sensation, Gypsy Elise is nothing to play with when it comes to her rich and dominating voice. Accompanied by the expressive sounds of her electric band, The Royal Blues, Gypsy Elise does not hesitate to show you what the blues is all about. Their latest album, Bluer Than The Blues, is an electrifying funk-like blend of old school blues with a dash of modern New Orleans charm. Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues put lyrics about love, sex, and heartbreak together in a way that is relatable to any and everyone. While many of the tracks are filled with sorrowful tunes, don't mistake this album for your typical blues record. Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues also know how to have a good time, which shows in several of the tracks, including "Chairman Of The Blues." This worldwide, well-traveled group of performers is no stranger to the stage and touring. They give an exhilarating show that instantly draws in and involves the audience!"

“The new CD 'Bluer Than The Blues' is true to its title. The disc begins with the ballad “Searcher,” propelled by a blues piano dirge, with keyboardist Ryan De Sade-way laying down chords in a deliberate way. For lyrics, the line “I’m all twisted up inside” stands out. “Chairman of the Blues,” a homage to local blues figure “Ready Teddy the Swamp Daddy” McQuiston, features a brass instrumental bridge with a wild burlesque sax blow-out “Puppy Needs A New Pair of Shoes.” is another fun song with a whimsical lyric. “Dead Man’s Bone” is solid southern rock blues with a bit of funk thrown in. "Cry for the Rest of Your Life” is an effective torch song and the saddest song on the CD. “I Don’t Want Your Man,” has the most impressive guitar solo on the disc. When the vocals kick in, guitarist John Lisi backs them with a quiet, delicate lyricism. For a broad assortment of popular and traditional blues styles, and performance that’s passionate and precis”

“Do you believe in love at first sight? I will at least say that I believe in being smitten at first site. So I was online looking for Torch Singers…as finding eclectic music is, you know… kind of what I do. I see a band’s profile, and my eyes zero on a song title. Are you sitting down? This is potentially the happiest thing you will ever see in print. The title was “Puppy Needs a New Pair of Shoes.” I was smitten at first site…then I heard the sound of a recorded puppy barking over New Orleans blues music and a real raw voice unafraid singing over the top. Goodness! Gypsy Elise and the Royal Blues, from New Orleans…describe themselves as Blues/Funk/Torch. That is perfectly alright with me. Other awesome songs (not to mention song titles) include “Mr. Okra!” “Ain’t Even Close” and…are you still sitting down??? “Don’t Touch That Kitty Cat!” Elisandrya De Sade-Way leads this talented group and vocally delivers.”

"Everyone talks of the magic of New Orleans and that it can never be matched. Well, we don't think so either but...we do like new ingredients added to the mix. You've brought your magic to the mix stirred it up some with New Orleans and came out with what I would call a great brew...keep doin' what ya doin' and the sky will be just a stopping place. If it makes my hips shake, it's good. It's good!" "

"Anyone who follows this fun group will appreciate the freshness, as well as the authentic sound, I see longevity here, mo music for NOLA."

“You heard first on WWOZ 90.7 FM this one should go all the way! You guys know how I feel about the song and now with this video.VIRAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blue Band is a very awesome group of talented musicians. They represent one of the most positive elements of the New Orleans Music Scene. I am always thrilled to play with their band!”

“Good fusion! Fun atmosphere. Great time! Never know what to expect, but it always proves to be remarkable!”

“Love it!!! Unbelievable! It's LIVE! So live! THis band will go so very far!”

“Unbelievably live! I am here every Sunday! I wouldn't miss it!”

“Elise is Fantastic! The band is terrific! We come here every Sunday just to hear them. What a show!!”

“Elise has an excellent voice. A very strong voice. Very entertaining!”

“Elise recaptures the true essence of New Orleans culture both past and present through her music. Her exquisite velvety voice hits home to the soul of the listener, of which is quite rare in commercial acts.”

“Elise gives a very polished performance. Silky smooth vocals with just the right touch of attitude. She performed with my band at Jazz Fest 2010 to a very delighted audience. We will be working together often. Looks for upcoming dates and don't miss any of them! She is worth any distance.”

“Beauty, Talent, Kindhearted, this lady has it all. Love the music she puts out. Definitely New Orleans best kept secret that should NOT be a secret!”

“ALL the way live! I go wherever Gypsy Elise plays, and will even be on the cruise! Cant wait until New Orleans discovers this remarkably talented performer. Her sultry blues tones are out of this world. Love the originals, and she is very beautiful, which makes her shows all the more enjoyable! Go get 'em, girl!”

"Sundays at The Whiskey Dix" have never been this fun! Elise's food is incredible, but is second ONLY to her performances! No matter the size of the crowd (which is always impressive!) Gypsy Elise gives a performance as if she is at a stadium. I never miss my Sundays!"