Gypsy Caravan / Press

“Making their first Altoona appearance, Harrisburg’s Gypsy Caravan then closed Halos’ first night with a rousing set of original alternative rock and select favorites. An exciting highlight opened the set, as guest Jen Bertiaux joined Gypsy Caravan singer Jen Brickner for the first song, an a cappella duet version of Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz.” From there, the latter Jen, guitarists Dave Nott and Ed Nesbit, bassist Ed Ulerick and drummer Alex Lazarus blended original songs and select covers done in their own distinctive style. High-energy rock, blues and jazz elements informed Gypsy Caravan’s original songs such as “Roll High,” “Wish You Well,” “Making It Real” and the new “Who’s on First.” Jen’s fresh cadence and style enabled her and Gypsy Caravan to own their cover selection, as they stamped their own signature on versions of Pat Benatar’s “Hell Is for Children,” Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop” and Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m the”

Jim Price - PA Musician

“Then Gypsy Caravan capped the night with a fun and raucous set. Extra treat early was the two singing Jen's in the house - Gypsy Caravan's Jen Brickner and show emcee Jen Bertiaux - teaming up on a double a cappella treatment of Janis Joplin's "Merecedes Benz" to kick off the set! Gypsy Jen then unleashed some serious energy up front, and she has quickly developed a style and persona with her delivery that when you hear it, you immediately know that's her voice! I dug the original songs old and new, including "Homegrown Rocker" hits like "Wish You Well" and "Making It Real," and they sounded strong on Pat Benatar's "Hell Is for Children," Led Zeppelin's "Misty Mountain Hop" and other select covers. Hope to see this gang back in the neighborhood soon! Gypsy Caravan quickly inspired some JP sketch art, and the pens got busy...”

Jim Price

“The first live Showcase I saw on Saturday night was Gypsy Caravan at Gullifty’s. One of the hardest parts of the conference is trying to decide which showcases you are going to go see. I decided to support Gypsy Caravan for a lot of reasons. It was awesome to see Gypsy Caravan be able to play a show that focused all on their originals. When a cover/original band gets a chance to play an original it’s like a whole new light comes into their eyes. I do like going out and partying with cover bands, but there is nothing quite like a night of original music. Jen’s vocals and stage presence make her a show unto herself, of course she wouldn't be able to perform without the musicians backing her and making it a complete show. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of Gypsy Caravan soon.”

“One more night of showcases remained. I first headed to Gullifty’s Underground in Camp Hill, arriving as Harrisburg’s Gypsy Caravan was under way. Gypsy Caravan again demonstrated their unique style and sound, melodic rock informed by elements of blues and jazz. Singer Jen Brickner showed a distinctive voice that at times suggested both Grace Slick and Chryssie Hynde; bold with touches of soul and intensity. She, guitarists Dave Nott and Ed Nesbit, bassist Ed Ulerick and drummer Alex Lazarus spotlighted their original song arsenal; including several new numbers and established originals like “Wish You Well.””

“My evening began at Gullifty's Underground with Gypsy Caravan, a passionate local hard rock group that puts a lot of heart into their songs. The crowd at the restaurant appeared to be enjoying the music”

“The first band I was able to see was Gypsy Caravan. The last place I saw them was at Ted’s all jammed into a corner, playing their hearts out. It was awesome to see them on a nice, big stage with plenty of room to move around and put on a great show! Ed and Dave have been playing guitar together for years, and it shows, they are a well-oiled machine. Jen’s vocals push it over the top. She has an amazing amount of energy, she sings her heart out while dancing and bopping all over the stage. Gypsy Caravan puts on a great show! Check out their ad in this issue to see where they will be playing next, or better yet, to get their number and call them to book them for your venue or private party!”

“Gypsy Caravan introduced their distinctive through a unique blend of original rock and select covers. Backed by guitarists Dave Nott and Ed Nesbit, bassist Ed Ulerick and drummer Alex Lazarus, inger Jen Brickner displayed a powerful voice and fiery singing style; her performance on Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” was incredible, and she also flexed her pipes on selections from Queen, Melissa Etheridge and Gypsy Caravan’s rousing edition of Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop.””

“Next was Gypsy Caravan, with their unique blend of original rock and select covers. Jen Brickner also brought some incredible voice, her performance on Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" was off the map! Their version of Led Zep's "Misty Mountain Hop" got my fist pumping in the air! More pen sketchery of Gypsy Caravan was inspired...”

Jim Price - PA Musician

“The next night out I went to see Gypsy Caravan’s debut performance at Ted’s Bar and Grill. It was an intimate performance that was a little more acoustic than electric even tho they did throw in some electric guitar here and there, they couldn’t help but rock out a little bit. It was very close quarters, there was no room for a dance floor, but every table was packed. It was awesome to see so many people out supporting local music at a great venue. Jen Brickner has a great voice and an awesome, bubbly personality. She’s a great front woman that keeps the music flowing and the fans entertained. It was hard for all of them to have to stay still while they were performing, but they did a great job. Gypsy Caravan not only plays great party music, but they also have some originals that will surprise you too. Check out their ad in this issue to see where they are playing next.”