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“Glenn Danzig is so damn cool that people are not only still finding inspiration in his 'male Aretha Franklin' style singing, but are actually being heavily influenced by him and STILL sounding cool and original. Most of the time when people wear their influences on their sleeves, they end up sounding boring, derivative, and uncreative... but Blak does not fall into that horrible category. Blak is a 5 member band that, while sounding enough like the Misfits/Samhain/Danzig in parts to make you feel familiar and comfortable, go out of their way to push themselves, their music, and their work to the next level. On this little EP sampler (a sneak peek into the full length coming soon!) we are greeted with three songs (three wicked songs) that are all at once familiar and fairly nostalgic as well as brave and brand new.”

“First up on the bill was L.A.’s own Blak, presenting a rousing set of tunes that instantly gained the attention of the early arrivals. Fans of acts such as The Misfits and Danzig have a date with destiny when encountering the dark and demented reveries of Blak. Fronted by the highly charismatic Gypsy Blak (formerly of Elegant Bastards), the band kicked off their set with Private Parts and proceeded to play a wildly impressive first show. Mixing metal with a decidedly punk rocking attitude and drive, songs such as Zombie Momma, My Darling (Why Aren’t You Dead Yet) and Frankenstein Valentine left an indelible impression. In addition to the enigmatic Gypsy Blak, the formidable lineup consists of Gene Migaki on bass, A.J. White on drums, David Garcia on guitar, and Mike DLP on keys and rhythm guitar. It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for this band – the L.A. music underground continues to thrive and prosper thanks to the presence of compelling new collectives li”

“Blak is a death rock, horror punk, post punk, with old school thrash type of act that's been through hell and back more than just once. Having played a few shows and written material over the years the band is still to this day going strong like never before. Now with a new line-up and more new material underway, nothing says Blak, like Blak! Vocalist Gypsy Blak foretells the tale of how this act came about and what else they got up their sleeves.... ”

“And here is the video review Beginning down a dark corridor, Gypsy Blak and the Elegant Bastards take us through what seems to be a murder soon to take place. The video is mostly black and white, which I love, and showcases the song “Thrill Killer” with Gypsy’s wonderful vocals.”

“Forceful guitars, dark vocals, post-modern drumming, and just enough bass makes up a fantastic sound that we call “Blak”. My favourite Blak song is “Staring at the Sky” in which we hear this amalgamation doing what it does best, entertaining the listener while sounding true to themselves.”

".... I first came across Gypsy Blak and his deep, dark brand of rock ‘n’ roll in the forsaken realms of cyberspace. A wicked-intelligent, quite congenial and good natured fellow, I eventually looked into his music, and was blown away by what I had encountered. Gypsy does it old-school: hard work and constant self-promotion. It is not an easy job. I was lucky enough to catch him mere weeks before his final Indianapolis performance, after which he will once again return to quake and terrify the West Coast, while smearing it all in facepaint and lipstick...."

“Gypsy Blak, vocalist and the creative mastermind behind BLAK, is a motivated fellow to say the least. Starting BLAK in his hometown of Los Angeles; with his move across the country, he refused to let the dream die and started a new version of BLAK here in Indianapolis. The local rendition of BLAK will be playing Punk Rock Night this Saturday (July 23, 2011) at The Melody Inn. Gypsy Blak was kind enough to let me amuse him with some questions. If his answers are any indication on BLAK’s onstage performance, expect the unexpected and prepare to be intrigued.”

“‎BLAK (aka Gypsy Blak / aka Blak #9) is releasing their new EP "War Of The Flesh" today, as in right now. This is a very good Deathrock/Horrorpunk band with a great vocalist whose tone sometimes reminds me of early Misfits and also The Southern Death Cult / Death Cult -era Ian Astbury.”

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“Gypsy Blak has got an album out via CD Baby. Sound is Deathrock half in the vein of 45 Grave, half in the vein of TSOL, and in the arm of Samhain. Fierce Deathrock laden Horror Punk (with gorgeous barely even existent production) with tracks not afraid to toe a little closer to Hardcore, Thrash Metal, and even Pop-Punk, The BLAK DEVIL ANTHOLOGY shows off tracks recorded between 2004 until now and sears your ears bringing you in and out of different phases between this musician's career.”