Gwyn Ashton / Press

“Ashton breathes a vibrant, new life into bluesy rock with a viscious, bang-up-to-date sting in it's tail.”

Metal Hammer

“Superb technique and an array of swampy, edgy and high-octane, riff-based tunes – think Rory Gallagher jamming with the White Stripes.”

Dave Ling - Classic Rock

"This is blues/rock guitar assault of the highest order and I fu*king love it! Incredible versions of Robert Johnson's 'Crossroad Blues' and Blind Willie Reynolds' 'Outside Woman Blues', both made famous by Cream, both blowing Cream's efforts clean out of the water."

Alan Jones - Get Ready To Rock

““This duo march into battle taking on every blues-rock trick in the book, successfully blasting them to a new level. No-nonsense, brutal and invigorating””

Guitar and Bass

"A welcome tonic to the glut of perfectly produced vanity excersises that passes for modern blues these days. It’s a raucous sounding album that has plenty of credibility in a modern blues market full of mediocrity."


"The whole album of killer tunes represents a definite melding of traditional blues-meets-the-21st century."


"Two-Man Blues Army is a masterclass in rocking garage blues, a feast of big riffs, killer guitar tones and searing vocals. More importantly, the record crackles with the raw, spontaneous energy of a live show, something often absent from many modern blues albums."

Guitar Buyer

"This certainly belongs in 2009 and not back in the 1900s. It is fresh, has a hell of an edge to it and just demands your complete attention."

Blues Matters