G William Boyd / Press

"Awesome guitar work and the riffs and tone are outstanding! So many great guitarists come from Texas and you clearly make that list!"

Eugene Foley - Foley Entertainment. Inc.

“G William Boyd is the future of music. Destined to go as far as he wishes. Without question the baddest cat on the airwaves. The Sun shines bright on this young Lion...”

Richard D. Ruttenberg - ReverbNation

"So different and enjoyable to watch! Rock On!"

Haley Orrentia - The X Factor USA - girl group Lakoda Rayne

"Kid has me wanting to Rock Out!"

Billy the Kidd - Kiss FM Radio

"G is one of the true, up-and-coming rock stars of RN. Masterful guitar playing, catchy riffs and rich, melodic vocals are his signature. Keep those hits coming!"

Howard Lawrence - Reverbnation