Good Weather for Airstrikes / Press

“To Have Our Hearts Emptied, To Be Left As We Came represents the thoughts of millions during these hard economic times we are experiencing. People everywhere are abandoning virtue in favor of vices, only to find that their inner demons are continuing to feed on their souls while simultaneously preying upon the relationships which keep them whole and sane. For the listener who has not yet reached the depths of despair presented in To Have Our Hearts Emptied, To Be Left As We Came and may be on their way to doing so, I hope that it serves as a wake-up call to get their lives in order. I know it certainly did for me.”

“Very rarely do I find a band that seems to take risks, swim against the current, and steers far from recent trends. When I listen to their newest release, I can hear modern influences, but they are able to take those influences and develop a sound that is something totally new.”

“Good Weather for Airstrikes can be defined by their spacey yet catchy guitar riffs, and their rock solid rhythms section. Just add Radicks’ heartfelt lyrics, and you have their unique brand of music.”

“Good Weather for Airstrikes was up next on the main stage. While it aims for a post-rock sound, its songs are still concise enough to land the group firmly in the “indie” camp. It’s a very spacey kind of indie, with guitarists Joe Hillier and James Radick weaving guitar lines drenched in layers of delay and reverb. It was as though the music itself would break free and float off into space if not for the down-to-earth rhythm section of bassist Josh Fenn and drummer Bill Grant. The crowd was all for it, and clapped along for most of their set. “It’s great to be in Howell!” declared Radick.”