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Gwen Jennier was born in Washington, DC, but she grew up in the city of Alexandria, Virginia in a house her grandfather built. She has worked as a lab tech, a dog groomer, a construction worker, and a singing waitress. Most recently Gwen worked as a LAN Manager and as an Information Systems Security Officer.

"Gwen's always had a love for music and has been playing, singing and writing music since she was a child. The debut of her first CD, "You've Got To Believe," is the fulfillment of a life long dream.

Gwen's early musical influences were the folk singers of the 60's and of course rock and roll - bands like the Rolling Stones and individuals such as rock diva Tina Turner. She was the front person and lead singer for a moderately successful rock band that toured the Eastern Shore of Maryland in the 70's. She's been in other bands, but none in the last 10 years.

"I've written a lot over the years - mostly rock songs, some folk, a little country. And then I wrote, "I've Seen the Light". I played it for my church's choir director and then for the congregation with the choir backing me up. We had the whole church rocking."

Gwen has a deep respect and love for animals. "To love God is to love all of his creation and to me that means animals and nature." Two of the songs on the CD reflect this love, "I Need to Know" and Wondrous Love Wondrous Nature. The other eight original songs mirror Gwen's own life journey - the joy, the pain, the doubt...reflections of feelings most of us experience in our lives, with lyrics that are inspiring and honest. "You've Got To Believe". Great music. Great message.

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