Aztex / Press

"Although Sarah Fox is at the top of her game as one of Texas' leading Latina singers, she easily transcends the cultural genres and barriers. Her passionate songwriting, visceral vocals, and dynamic stage presence make her one of the most exciting contemporary performers anywhere."

Margaret Moser - Austin Chronicle

“ “Joel Guzman is one of the finest musicians I have ever worked with. He is truly inspirational.... He definitely looks beyond the standard and norms in what he is working on, and is always looking to expand.” ”

Steve Berlin-Producer (Los Lobos, Los Super Seven, Aztex, Michelle Shocked)

“Sarah is an incredibly soulful singer..”

Dr. Gary Hartman - Center for Texas Music History

"Joel and Sarah are a spicy mix of fire and water with enough steam to drive a locomotive"

-Joe Ely

"Joel Guzman is going to be a Chicano Traveling Wilbury."

Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos)

"Singer-Composer Sarah Fox and accordionist Joel Guzman deliver one of the year's intriguing albums, Latinology, by reaching deep into the ocean of Latin and other influences.

Bob Geddie - Buddy Magazine

“Like Los Super Seven's work, this 11-track collection of fresh and engaging bilingual tunes simply doesn't fit any preconceived radio formats."”

Ramiro Burr - San Antontio Express News