Gus Moon / Press

"Don't dismiss him as another singer/songwriter: He has better songwriting chops than most."

Wayne Bertsch

“It's a page out of the book of some of the best folk troubadours -- make 'em cry and make 'em smile.”

Jared Jernagan

"A genuine expression of adventurous emotion and spirit. Though followers of his music are often left wondering what will come next, Gus is sure to give them a fantastic display of revolutionary soul."

Kate Durham

"Coy in its laid back flirtations, yet scarred and heartbroken under the veneer."

Rick Barcus

“Mullis' voice, both as a writer and a singer, has a smile and a tear in it at the same time.”

“Gus Moon is an acoustic rock, folk & alt-country troubadour who's turning heads wherever he plays.”