Guns To Fire / Press

“Guns to Fire are working on a new album and an upcoming tour, but Blank lives for the show. In March, he fulfilled a lifelong dream when his band opened for The Casualties. Blank’s advice for aspiring musicians? “Play what you want to play, however you want to play it and the rest will come,” he said.”

“Hardcore punk the way it was meant to be. Fronted by Brody X Blank, Guns To Fire delivers a classic hardcore punk sound, with an occasional wrench thrown in the gears. Guns To Fire is here to remind you that punk is not dead, it's right in front of our fucking faces."”

Beav - Bangover Booking

“Last night was a reminder to everyone in attendance at the show at Vinyl Music Hall that punk still isn't dead. The first band to take the stage was Pensacola's very own, Guns to Fire. These guys instantly reminded me of a cross between Seattle punk rockers, The Briefs, and the classic sounds of Circle Jerks. They had a vibe about them that just made you want to pick up a 40oz of Olde English and go cruise around the city looking for stuff to destroy.”

“....Their second release, "Fascist State", deals with relevant issues in today's "War on Terror" and the compromise of constitutional virtues in American society.”