Gun Party / Press

“...'give a listen to Atlanta band Gun Party, who knock the slop in the mud with a lurid, leering sound that plunges deep and comes up covered in blood and warm drool. They flirt with goth in a way that doesn't overdo it, letting the rawness of the presentation delegate the shadows."”

"bold synergy and impressive group dynamic.."

"Gun Party is clearly a very talented group of musicians who aren’t afraid to find inspiration in a wide variety of musical locations. If Special TV Microwave Computer were an omelet it would have a lot of different vegetables and spices in it. It also has a real rock and roll attitude that any rebel at heart should find intriguing"

“It’s like walking to a 50s era diner and dropping some change into a jukebox holding electronic modern technobabel. When this noisegasm hits you it is like pop oldies and punk rock are trying to have a baby. A little bit B52s with Karen O, Gun Party’s debut release Special TV Microwave Computer is a somewhat awkward adventure that makes you move the hips and dance while giving amble excuses to bang your head.”