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“With a sound more akin to ‘90s bands like Hot Water Music and Boy Sets Fire than their contemporaries, the band relies on solid, chugging guitars and jackhammer drums to drive home the songs, a solid compliment to Chris Behm’s strained vocals and thankfully unpolished sound. The lyrics are a tad earnest at times, and the sound a bit derivative, but the sentiment is sincere and the musicianship solid enough that you are able to overlook it for the most part. Nothing lavish here, just solid punk rock with a good appreciation of those who came before them.”

“Gunner’s Daughter definitely wear their influences on their sleeves and pay serious homage to Hot Water Music with “The Flowers & The Earth”. There are so many instances where super attractive melodies are skillfully placed under lyrical hooks, the kind of lines that get stuck in your head for hours. If you are a fan of emo or post-hardcore influenced music or nostalgia that will send you back a few years, definitely check this album out. Oh, and listen to it more than once- you’ll catch creatively placed elements in the guitar work that you didn’t get the chance to appreciate the first time through!”

“To listen to the new release by Chicago outfit Gunner’s Daughter is to clamber into Doc Brown’s DeLorean, punch ‘ANY DAY IN ABOUT 2001’ into the LED display and put the pedal to the metal. Whether by accident or design, this is a record which so strongly evokes the early-00s emo scene that I genuinely had to double-check the release date to make sure I’d got the right album. The muted production, the marriage of generic punk-rock guitars to grunge dynamics and slightly-flat, angst-ridden vocals summons nostalgic memories of albums like Grade’s Under the Radar and , to a lesser extent, Thursday’s Full Collapse. In fact like both of those classics this could have been released fifteen years ago by Victory Records and probably would have been, had it been made fifteen years ago. That’s not to say that The Flowers and the Earth is a bad album, or that there’s anything wrong with a band wearing their influences not so much on their sleeve as”

“This new album from this Chicago band is a bit of a mixed bag for me. Most of the songs are pretty much alternative rock, while only a couple have more of a pop-punk edge, and a few others have kind of a melodic hardcore sound. “Prison Wolf” is probably my favorite track on the album, with the most pop-punk feel to it. It’s a mid-tempo track that lopes along with a nice melodic feel and line, with a good sing-along chorus. “To the Lost” is one that goes back and forth – sometimes it has a cool, heavy guitar Chicago sound, And the vocals are mostly OK, but toward the end change from melodic to shouting, but with a lack of energy. This album has a high points,”

“fourth release and debut full length listens like a record made much further into the band’s career. The Flowers & The Earth is an album tied together by the themes of birth, death, and the in-between. Similar to Thrice’s Alchemy Index or Green Day’s American Idiot, The Flowers & The Earth could be considered a concept album. The only difference is that Gunner’s Daughter had the cojones to release theirs as a debut.”

“Jason: Depending on where you look, the punk scene can come across as one giant, shallow party or a breeding ground for cynical careerists, but that sells it far short of what it can be. This music has brought me moments of profound depth and passion over the course of my life, giving it meaning in a way little else could. I want to recreate that for myself and anyone who is open to it.”

“Of course, that’s not to say that Gunner’s Daughter is in any danger of remaining a nice local secret for too long. With music that combines elements of some of the greatest punk/post-hardcore bands of all time, from Hot Water Music (see: “Snake Oil Salesman”) to The Ghost (“Prison Wolf”), these guys fit incredibly well in the modern scene where bands like The Menzingers and Off With Their Heads are considered the Epitaph-friendly ambassadors of the underground.”

“(CB) Our buddies in Sic Waiting put out a record with Dang! last year. We also have a few other friends that have worked with the label, like Allout Helter, DC Fallout, Why I Hate and Perdition. Somehow Blake and Shaun [from Dang!] started a conversation (probably over the internet) when we were starting to write this record, and it was decided that Shaun would be putting it out. That was that.”

“ 10ish Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk Rock: Blake and Garik (Gunners Daugher) Posted by Johnny X on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 3:50 PM (PST) We recently caught up with Blake and Garik of Gunners Daughter to get their take on the songs that got them in to punk rock. Check out their list here. BLAKE A MILLER – DRUMS 1. Circle Jerks- Wild in The Streets I was in grade school and a friends older brother had this on a tape!”

“Gunner’s Daughter have a knack for putting out short bursts of music that are extremely satisfying but still leave me wishing there were a few more songs. With very little fanfare, the band immediately launches their third EP, Dissolutions, with “The Face of Whitecaps”, an urgent rocker that uses imagery of a sailor enduring rough seas trying to find calmer waters, (possibly) as a metaphor for these trying times in which we find ourselves. The band sounds tighter than ever, with Chris Behm’s gruff voice soaring overtop mid-tempo melodic riffs and a super solid performance from drummer Blake Miller. I can just hear the sweat in some of those takes. The guitars attain a certain gritty discordance, at times, before snapping back into perfectly pleasing melody, like the chorus of the second track, “Old Reinstein”. “There’s a reason why I never go home. There’s a season that we used to love the most” is a perfect lyrical fit alongside the changing weather. The final”

“This EP consists of three hard-hitting Midwestern punk jams that are both extremely punchy and catchy.“The Face of Whitecaps.” This song is about “taking stock in your life” by valuing what you have right in front of you. Next up is “Old Reinstein,” which was inspired by a park that the band’s lead singer, Chris Behm, used to visit frequently with a “special someone.” After recently revisiting the park with that same special someone, he came to realize ttom line of the song is “as much as you know things will never be the same, you’ll neveh reality on a cold fall day.” Wrapping up “Dissolutions” is a fantastically inspirational song about doing what you want to do no matter what obstacles are in your way. Entitled “Dead On,” this is the first song the band wrote after parting ways with their original singer and thinking that the band would completely fall apart. Considering the fact t”

“The vocals are gruff, the guitars are melodic, and the songs are catchy. What more could you ask for? There are breakdowns and gang vocals but neither is overused or cliched. Every note of Trust Us When We Tell You is dripping with passion and earnest sincerity. You can hear it. You can feel it. These are fucking anthems for those of us who’ve spent too many cold Chicago nights drinking PBR in dimly-lit bars while our friends pour out their hearts and bare their souls for a few dozen (or less) people. With Trust Us When We Tell You Gunner’s Daughter delivers a serious punch to the gut, but a punch that will have you fist-pumping along with your attacker. Sure, the band’s influences are easy to figure out, but there’s no way anyone can (or should) dismiss this because of that. I can’t wait to hear a full-length from Chris, Blake and whoever they round up. So, if you like bands like Samiam, Red City Radio, Hot Water Music, Spanish Gamble and the like, do yourself a favor and d”

“Sometimes I forget about the “rock” in punk-rock – but Gunner’s Daughter sure hasn’t. The Chicago four-piece is here as a reminder to the voice that a couple skillful guitarists can bring to an act. Fans of Hot Water Music will appreciate the vocals, and fans of Samiam will appreciate the instrumental consistency. ”

“GUNNER’S DAUGHTER Interview with Chris Behm (Vocalist / Guitarist) By Sean Stepp Tell us a bit about how GUNNER’S DAUGHTER came to be. Were any of you guys in other bands together before GD? When did you guys form and what were some of the common visions you guys had in common? GUNNER’S DAUGHTER started out in the summer of 2007. I had just moved back to the area after being on the road tour managing for a few years. At the time I promised myself that I was completely finished with music and band stuff. I was trying to get my post touring life started- aka: a stable job. I had met Joe in 2002 when I first moved to the Chicagoland area from Buffalo, NY to join a band called THE FOLD. When THE FOLD wasn’t working out anymore, I got a job at a nearby skate shop to pay the bills. I met Joe there and we immediately became good friends. I stayed in touch with Joe even after I moved away and anytime that I was on tour coming through the Chicago area I always gave him a shout to ”

“ A Samiam tribute has just been released on a bandcamp page with all proceeds going to the Gulf Restoration Network. Bands included on this tribute are Cutman, Great Cynics, Gunner’s Daughter, The Anchor and many more. The album is presented by Death to False Hope Records and titled While You Were Waiting: A Tribute to Samiam. The whole download comes in at a measly $5 but you can give more to the Gulf Restoration Network through the bandcamp site. Here’s a little more info about the cause:”

““Trust Us When We Tell You,” the sophomore EP from Chicago’s Gunner’s Daughter, was released via Death To False Hope Records on August 2nd, 2011. This EP is 100% pure punk rock greatness from front to back. It shows off the band’s ability to stay consistent throughout a full EP, and at the same time continually emphasizes the importance of slight changes. There’s only one real downside: when it’s over you wish there was more!All-in-all this is an amazing EP, which deserves a 5 star review and is totally worth picking up for the small price of FREE! I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the least with it but I can’t guarantee you won’t be pissed that there are only four tracks. But hey, that’s what the repeat button is for! ”

“It’s been about a year since we first told you about a Samiam tribute album that was in the works. While there was little in the way of follow-up information, today brings word that not only have the tracklist and cover art been revealed (the latter of which can be seen to the left), but the album is available to the public! Featured on the album, entitled “While You Were Waiting” and released by Death To False Hope Records, are bands like Gunner’s Daughter, Nightlights and Cutman. Click here for the tracklist. While you’re at it, click here to get your own copy.”

“Death to False Hope Records(www.deathtofalsehoperecords.com) has released “While You Were Waiting” a 13 song tribute to Samiam. 100% of donations will go to the Gulf Restoration Network: Background: With an exclusive focus on the Gulf, GRN immediately began monitoring the impacts and response to BP’s oil disaster, and we have conducted over 70 watchdogging trips. Since April 20, 2011, GRN’s staff has been working tirelessly to respond to the myriad of issues related to the BP drilling disaster. We have focused our efforts to achieve several goals:”

“Death to False Hope Records has posted a stream of their newly released tribute to Samiam. The record is titled 'While You Were Waiting: a Tribute to Samiam and features contributions from Black Sails Westen Shores, Cutman, Paper Arms, Let Me Run, Great Cynics, Bearings, Assassinate the Scientist, Donots, Nightlights, Gunner's Daughter, The Anchor, The Core and Crankupmadonna. The compilation sells for a suggested donation (minimum) of $5 with 100% of donations going to the Gulf Restoration Network. ”

“From what I can gather you guys are from Chicago. How’s the local support for you when you play there? Chicago is a double-edged sword sometimes. Yes. It’s a rad city, and it’s got a plenty of great venues to play at, however… there is always something going on, always competition against another show or venue. Which is great because it means the scene is strong. There are a lot of bands here as well. That’s to be expected though. We just trudge on and make the most of it. We get to play some great shows with some friends of new and old plus we drink copious amounts of beer in the process. Win win all around.So is there anything else you’d like to add that you think people should know about gunners daughter? Look for us on tour in 2012 east coast and west coast are in the works. If you are into us pick up both Ep’s on Deathtofalsehoperecords.com, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp. We also set up a Big Cartel store finally so pick up some merch and help us keep the dream alive. ”

“Our stream today comes from Chicago, IL-based Gunner's Daughter. We've got a stream of the band's new EP, New Skeletons. You can check it out on their Punknews.org Profile, and it's available for download from Death To False Hope Records. The group is currently recording a new full-length with producer Dan Precision.”

“New Skeletons EP brims with driving rock, and the kind of earnest vocals, gushing through widescreen choruses, that virtually demand radio play. The sneaky hooks, etched with Eddie Van Halen’s tone, make “Fence Jumper” a potential radio hit. “Better Days” and “Satellites” are ballsy, new-wave stompers, stamped with the sound that made saccharine mall punk so easily digestible (and disposable). There’s even a folksy, acoustic ballad (“This Isn’t Over”), which shows GD knows to cover all the bases.”

“Hometown: Chicago, IL Genre: Punk Rock Rocks If You Like: HOT WATER MUSIC, SMALL BROWN BIKE, ALKALINE TRIO Gunners Daughter is a melodic punk band from Chicago who enjoy paying homage to the mid to late nineties melodic punk sound. The band has been out on two short tours and have had the chance to open for larger acts Polar Bear Club, Silverstein, The Swellers. Their latest EP New Skeletons was recorded at the Bomb Shelter by Dan P of 88 Fingers Louie. The band also plan on going back in early 2011 to record another EP, with tour to follow in spring. Pumped about this band! News, tour dates, and download available at:”

“Chicago’s melodic post-punkers Gunner’s Daughter dropped their debut EP, “New Skeletons,” in 2010 on Death To False Hope Records. For those of you that miss the double vocals, chant-along backing harmonies and infectious post-hardcore melodies that gave rise to bands like Small Brown Bike and Avail, “New Skeletons” will find a welcome home on your playlist. The first thing that catches the ear from the opening notes of the EP’s opener, “Fence Jumper,” is that the production quality is quite high; “New Skeletons” isn’t your typical lo-fi, cranked-out-in-three-days-in-mom’s-garage indie album. Speaking of the opening track: the three-chord intro to “Fence Jumper” sounds like a combination of that old MTV News riff, and the opening riff of Hole’s “Celebrity Skin.” I don’t mean either of those in a negative way, as the riff is fun and catchy as hell. It is also a sign of things to come for the bulk of this five-song release:”

“The following is a mini interview of generic questions that we posed to all bands that wanted to answer: Gunners Daughter www.gunnersdaughter.com www.facebook.com/gunnersdaughter www.myspace.com/gunnersdaughter 1. How did you get your band name? Chris Behm came up with the name to memorialize his grandfather who was in the navy. 2. How did this band get started? Gunner’s Daughter began as a promise between two friends during one hot Chicago summer after giving up hope on past bands they were previously in. 3.What bands are you influenced by? Hot Water Music, Samiam, Ann Berreta, Small Brown Bike, Casket Lottery, Split Lip, to name a few. 4. If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why? Hot Water Music, Samiam, Small Brown Bike. They are peers of ours and without these bands there would not be a Gunner's Daughter. 5. If you were a furry, what animal would you be? Why that animal? Furry...... really ? umm no! ”

“Sounds You Should Hear: Gunner’s Daughter – New Skeletons EP Posted on June 9, 2010 | No Comments Tags: gunners daughter, punk, sounds you should hear Who: Gunner’s Daughter Sounds: New Skeletons EP Where: Chicago, Illinois How: Self-Released What: Driving mid-tempo melodic punk rock… you know you love it. Plus, Chris is a hella nice guy. Download the EP for free! RIYL: The Feds, Hot Water Music, etc…”