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“In times where it is not easy to recommend something that's good, original and with a definite identity, Gunnelpumpers and their album Montana Fix emerge as an exception to the rule. Welcome.”

“Nice music so loose, in which pure intonation just one of the many options, like something like a package. You packed a male or six in a cage, put the tape on and then but tasty fiddle, without worrying about structure, melody or bandage. Or neighbors. The bulk of the album is still improvised jazz world off the cuff, put down in dark smudges sketching spot invented songs. Not so for everyone, but those who love acoustic bass, or music that demands more from the listener, to give the Gunnelpumpers a chance.”

“I really like the blend of sounds these guys have. They create music that sort of transcends rock, world music, classical and jazz. For my money that makes it progressive rock, but whatever you call it, it’s great. Fans of instrumental music with variety and a sense of adventure will like this one a lot.”

“On their fourth LP, free-improvisers Gunnelpumpers conjure the wide open skies and primordial landscapes of the Big Sky State. Montana Fix could serve as a welcome introduction into the world of free music, for those that have already gotten into jazz, post-rock, or drone metal. Once you have gotten into the Montana Fix zone, you can begin to appreciate the nuances, the unusual tones and instruments, the graceful layering and polyrhythms. Where else will you find tabla mixing it up with jazz bass and noise guitar? And once you’re in the zone, Gunnelpumpers will take you places. Every sound on this record sounds not only authentic but GIFTED, truly understanding and appreciating the hodge-podge of influences, and weaving them into something unique and distinctive. Let Montana Fix turn your home into an opium den with its Middle Eastern drums and flutes. Chill out, float away, relax, sit and think.”

"Gunnelpumpers perform some of the most extreme forms of darkly Gothic, chaotic, confrontational, and dissonant music this side of John Zorn, John Cage, King Crimson, Univers Zero, Henry Cow, Velvet Underground, Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, Etron Fu Leloublan, and Samla Mammas Manna. If you're looking for something a bit more challenging than the standard fare prog/rock you've been listing to – or happen to be an aficionado of R.I.O. then Gunnelpumpers and their album “Montana Fix” is well worth a listen. Especially fans of Crimson's improvisational pieces."

“A lot of avant-garde bands will toss a bunch of disparate stuff together in hopes that they come up with exotic combinations that work. The Gunnelpumpers do that, too, but the difference with these guys is that just about everything they try actually does work. Gunnelpumpers have truly created a sound of their own that’s hard to categorize. They rarely stay on the main path, but that’s what makes Montana Fix such a thrilling listen. The Gunnelpumpers manage to make refreshingly original music when we’ve thought everything has already been done before.”

"Montana Fix" may make listeners aware of how to arrange exciting music for three basses, guitar and percussion.

“[Montana Fix] is a nineteen track album that takes some time and patience to appreciate. But if you are in the mood for something completely different, this is a great alternative album to put on the CD player.”

“I regret that I had never heard Gunnelpumpers. I'm glad that it happened. And what you want.”

“Double bassist Matthew Golombisky is credited on many songs with likeable noise (whatever that is), but it's a term that could just as easily apply to the band's experimental-yet-accessible sound.”

“The highlight [of Montana Fix] is a ten-minute, hand-made piece of dark ambient, all real, earthy and rhythmic. A crazy journey, but very digestible by the subdivision into shorter pieces almost exclusively.”

“[Montana Fix], the fourth full-length album, features close to 80 minutes (!) worth of music...and each and every second is interesting and provocative. There's a lot to take in here...which means you can spin this one for weeks...months...years...and still find something new that you might have previously missed.”

“instrumental music of the highest order. Open-your-head music. An amazing, expansive mix of influences – classical, jazz, world music. [Montana Fix] is intense, moody, introspective, groovy, transcendent, atmospheric, mind-expanding. A great collection of grooves that roam across the sonic horizon. The collective vibe of this group is stunning. Inspired!”

“In "Eschatonus" percussive elements become predominant, but the piece to follow is the conclusive "McGroover", which touches upon the twenty minutes. The execution is much more energetic, going to tap King Crimson and Zappa in their moods more cheerfulness.”

“Frankly, it is the strangest music that I ever heard, [but Tritonium] makes some sense, and – in spite of all chaos - there is a rhythmic structural matrix that sustains everything.”

“Gunnelpumpers are inspired by the 70′s acts , but we can treat the band’s concept in many aspects as a modern too. “Tritonium” deserves repeated listenings...Rating: 8/10”

“The alternance of binary and ternary rhythms at the flick of a switch, the galvanic matter generated by the acid timbres of Meyer’s guitars and the different embodiments of the basses – Johnson’s Clevinger often screeching and snarling like a bad beast – warrant active engagement for the listener...”

“[band interview]”

“[Tritonium] is not only unusual and instrumental, it is also captivating and powerful. I love this disc.”

"The music included in Tritonium is completely improvised, [and] favors the concept of improvisation as a creative force of incalculable power"

“While the album is definitely not easy listening, and somewhat of an acquired taste, open-minded music lovers could do much worse than giving Gunnelpumpers a chance.”

“Improvisational music is always a risky venture. Usually, those who attempt it are knowledgeable enough in musical theory and skilled enough in playing as a collective unit to produce cohesiveness regardless of little to no rehearsal. On the other hand, there can always be a case of a mess of misdirection. Fortunately, on their third LP, Tritonium, Chicago-based fusion troupe Gunnelpumpers fits into the former category.”

“This is really an intriguing instrumental outfit. Each disc I’ve heard from them is considerably different. [the nth wave is] arguably their most accessible disc I’ve heard.”

“While it’s hard to pin down and describe, [Symphonie Improvisé] is really quite an intriguing adventure to live.”

“The lengthy "McGroover" is a band showpiece, highlighting individual prowess as well as the ensemble's ability to collectively shift gears with stunning results.”

“Worthwhile for all friends of free and improvised music.”

“Imagine...an improv-oriented mashup of Miles Davis's Live-Evil and King Crimson's Red and you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect.”

“{Tritonium is} a sprawling cauldron of black sound, no matter which way you cut it, and those in attendance on that October evening must have felt at times as if the wallpaper was peeling off the club walls before their very eyes.”

“...deserves the attention from the friends of improvisations between prog, avant-garde and jazz...”

“We have to admire folks like this because they're obviously not driven by a desire for money or fame. This is purely artistic stuff...heady and peculiar...and strangely hypnotic.”

“Not sure what song this is but it’s great. On first listen I thought that it sounded like a cross between King Crimson and Santana.”

“Falling somewhere between world music, tribal-ambient, and improvisational jazz, The Nth Wave is definitely a distinctive collection.”

“..Gunnelpumpers, exploring low-end drones and underwater vamps.”

"I got this the other day...and really liked what I heard."

"...Non-traditional yet immediately accessible."

"[music for] pharaohs and belly dancing in the classiest harem ever"