GUNMETAL 21 / Press

“Rockin' stuff!”

October Soul (ReverbNation)

“You guys kick ass!”

Hopfner Baker Productions (ReverbNation)

“Hi, Really nice work, I Enjoyed Listening In! Great Sounds Going On Here!”

Revolver (ReverbNation)

“Yeah Cool! You're workin it! Nice-n-tight sounding!”

Tom Baker (ReverbNation)

“Metal is not really my thing but I liked what I heard...and I like your drumming. I played drums for 35 years! much sucess...peace, Rex”

Rex Havoc (ReverbNation)

“Lordy I'm Hot... great song!”

GuitarPlayerGirl (ReverbNation)

“Rockin' tracks! Much success to you!”

Alicia Grant (ReverbNation)

“Much Respect!”

Zanag Kraun (ReverbNation)

“Good job on your tracks they are all good !!! My fav is Higher Walls that song sticks in my head in a good way !! Keep the energy !! You rock !!!”

MadCapMother (ReverbNation]

“Keep up the good work. All the best,”

UnderGround (Reverbnation)

“love your song...Did I hear you call my name?...it really ROCKS!~ ”

Oldies with Ursula (ReverbNation)

“oh yes ...get down here !!!!!!!”

Elektrosphere (ReverbNation)

“This guy is a hell of a producer hardcoat calls him coach.”

HardCoat (ReverbNation)

“Hi Mark..Cool to meet ya !!!! YeaH !!! awesome band !!!! Fave track..? def "PULSAR"..added to my faves :) ”

She Said & Hillbilly Dix (ReverbNation)

“Hey Metal Mark. Love your sound! Great music here! Keep em coming, You Rock!”

Danielle Darrow (ReverbNation)

“A real pleasure to be here and play your Great tracks you rock with power and quality.”

Muzopia - John (ReverbNation)

“Kick ass songs, great percussion work on all of them. Lawless ”

Lawless Entertainment (ReverbNation)

“Yeah, I'm digging this!”

Jamie Brace (ReverbNation)

“\m/ Great songs!”

Ideal Zero (ReverbNation)

“cool blend of music!”

Surrogate Sons (ReverbNation)

“Great jams! I really dig your style!”

4StringKing ( ReverbNation)