Gun Lake / Press

“After losing the other members of the band, Fain recruited new musicians and picked right back up where he left off. The end result is a very impressive debut album, that doesn't at all sound like a first effort. The songs are somber and dark, with rich harmonies that are reminiscent of just about any 60s folk act you can think of and will probably stick in your head for quite some time. If you're lucky that is.”

"The guitar tracks mesh and intertwine well; while the drumming is complementary, not drawing too much attention; the bass is spot on, and the vocals and harmonies, while bringing a darker and somewhat somber tone, add to the album overall and really are perfect for the folk feel of the piece. Most importantly, no note or phrase seems out of place. Gun Lake does an impressive job of showing what they’re made of..."

“I'm in deep, and I have no intention of trying to get out. I'm trying to dissect the tender heartache, the catharsis, the notion of love and loss, and all the beauty contained therein. And believe me, Balfour has a lot of it.”

"Gun Lake embodies that mystic, temperate-transition of Autumn—the heart-wrung words like the season’s characterisitc meditative, coaxing bluster with a palpable chill at its fringes; the melodies wafted with the same austere beauty of those fleeting leaves the way it flexes a sense for a pop hook but doesn’t drown you in major-chords or saccharine sweeps; and the warmth of the music, a certain stirring to its folkish shuffle, like the cathartic hunch of the shoulders as the temps lower and we shunt on to the next leaf-swirled abode, be it car, home or school."

“...it's Ann Arbor, Michigan's little known Gun Lake that we're most looking forward to. Why? Well, we're not sure if you know but that Amber's quite the connoisseur of folk music, particularly of the "dude with a beard and a knack for heartbreaking poetics" variety. Not only does Gun Lake fit all of those criteria but they also go far above and beyond, combining the self deprecating sadness of Elliott Smith, Fleet Foxes harmonies, Justin Vernon-esque hushed beauty, and a heavy dose of originality to create some of the most enrapturing folk music we've heard in a while. Yes, those are heady comparisons for a band that's only just recording their debut album but believe us - Gun Lake can deliver.”