Gumshen / Press

“What You Make It is technically the fifth release from this musical wonderment known as Gumshen, the fourth under the actual Gumshen name, and arguments will rage for evermore that this is the best recording to date. That argument will last only as long as you’re playing it . . . and then you’ll go back and drop in March of the Februaries, Super Buffet, or Stew and you’ll swear those are the best. What I’m getting at is this: Gumshen never fail to deliver a product that will please you as a listener, inspire you as an artist, challenge you as an intellect, or frustrate you as a music critic.”

““This band rocks like no other band in the market today. Fantastic!” -Sylus Brown ” Amazing band, the track Illusia off their latest release is a 12 minute masterpiece” - Rob Ritter ” This is a quality rock outfit with depth and complexity you don’t see often” – Dave Colon Gumshen – “Perfect” – Gumshen hitting us from Seattle Washington on all sides with an eclectic mix of styles from straight ahead rock in the vain of Pink Floyd and King Crimson to rap infused rock tracks like “Perfect” off of their latest Ep “March of the Februaries” This band is more than the sum of its parts.”

“. Gumshen . . . you’ve outdone yourselves.”