Guitarzan and the Fretters / Press

“I really hope everyone likes my stuff. These song's are my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings in this journey of life that God has given. I hope everyone can relate in one way or another to my music. Thank you. With regret and sorrow, I'll just say that my father has just passed away, Dec 29th,2011 and I will miss him greatly and even now miss him. He was'nt just a father to me, But a good friend. He was a good man and the reason I play guitar. He played guitar since I was a baby. And I used to play with him at 3 years old with my little Mickey Mouse guitar. When I was 6 years old he bought me a real guitar. Later I started taking lessons. After a while. Me and Him would really jam. Mostly old country tunes,Good times and Good memories with my dad. I loved him very much. Thanks again for listening.”