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“The Guitar Slingers are without a doubt one of the best bands out there .Want proof just check out any of their 3 albums. What started out in 2007 as basically a one man project by Doyley (the main man of Diablo Records) has now become a truly killer band that has few equals.That said the band has now dropped their latest effort,"Carnevil Of Souls" on a still unsuspecting public and this time their taking no prisoners.We get 11 originals tracks that deliver one hell of a knock out punch.This is rockin' psychobilly that at times is infused with spaghetti ,rockabilly and surf. From a circus sideshow opening to a full throttle assault "Carnevil Of Souls" covers a lot of ground and does it well.Highlights include "The Fly With The X Ray Eyes","Outerspace Out Of Time", "The Invaders" and "The Hitcher".”

“GUITAR SLINGERS – a travelling Psycho-Menagerie invites you to the „Carnevil Of Souls“ Can an album be bad, if it refers to 1962 horror-indie-flick „Carnival Of Souls“? Maybe it could, but if it is directed by Doyley you can stop speculating about the quality. GUITAR SLINGERS abduct you to an eerie funfair, opening with a music box and an intro that introduces the listener to a dreamlike scenario wich leads from one strange character to another: „The Hitcher“, „The Fly With The X-Ray-Eyes“, the atmospheric and spooky dancing „Queen Of The Toads“ (check out the clip, refering to the B-Movie "Hell Comes To Frogtown" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfvvj_tX-Kw) All these attraction have a story and a musical identity of their own. „Insaniac“ for example is an uptempo loony modern psycho-tune that evaporates sanity within seconds. „Rise Of The Cybermen“ combines western guitars and cosmic surf with some punk spirit, while „Zoltar Says“ portraits the”

“The GUITAR SLINGERS have a new mini-album that invites you to the „Hellhouse Stomp“ Comparatively short after the GUITAR SLINGERS invited us to the „Carnevil Of Souls“ they return with another tempting offer: How about spending a night in a cabin in the woods going mental to songs blasting from an old record player down in the cellar? Forget about the strange book in the corner that looks as if it was bound in human skin. Who would think of reading, when it is time for the „Hellhouse Stomp“? The Mini-album of the same name was released by Diablo records in coloured vinyl (three different colors, each limited to 100 copies) and is also available as a download on https://diablorecordsuk.bandcamp.com/…/guitar-slingers-hell…. It features Mutant Cox (Sick Sick Sinners) on bass and contains seven songs. One of them is a demoversion of „The Hitcher“ from „Carnevil Of Souls“, the others are unheard and exclusively unearthed gems from the past kicking off with the scar”

Die Psychocouch

“Much as been said about the Guitar Slingers but one gets the feeling that no matter how good they are,they still remain very under-rated and are an often over looked band.Adios Amigo(the band's 3rd album) hopefully will change that,this is their best release so far.Clocking in with 12 very kool and killer tracks .Sticking to what they do best psycho rockin with that spaghetti touch .Highlights include:"The Ballad of Jimmy Miller","Bonebreaker"and"One More Shot". Bottom line:this is a damn good album by one of the best bands out there.What more do you want? Recommended”

“Despite the band title, this really is the issue of one man. Doyley, Demented Are Go contributor (2005's "Hellbilly Storm"), impresses with many talents: singer, songwriter, guitar/bass/organ/ukelele/theremin/piano player. He even handles various studio-board tasks. To be sure, his barbarous accomplices are legion. Drummer Johnny Gizmo perpetuates an unfaltering firing-line assault throughout. And the many ace-high guest players include fellow-DAG/"Hellbilly Storm" contributor Strangy and neon-crimson-mohawked slap bassman Yasu, of Robin. But this is Doyley's show. As lyricist, he avoids the path trod by others in the genre, who tend to limit narratives to night-stalking zombies and similarly morbid fantastics. True, chest-beating braggadocio makes appearances, as is common in psychobilly wildings (fine examples here include "Fists Up" and "I Win You Lose," both of which storm with full-bodied ruckus). "One Man Freakshow" offers deeper reward”

“Doyley delivers a Psychobilly masterpiece with "One Man Freakshow". He's a fantastic songwriter, a guitar wizard and brilliant on many other instruments. This outstanding album is Psycho to the bone.”

“Doyle from the Klingonz put out his own solo album under the name Guitar Slingers. He plays either guitar or bass on most tracks and even sings on most of them. Who knew he had such a good voice. The album itself is a rockin’ disc full of tales from the rough side of life.”

“GUITAR SLINGERS ‘Six String Bandit’ (Sling 2) Doyley and all-star mates cover some classics. 4/5 This the follow-up to last year’s Guitar Slingers collaboration is an on-going project as Diablo head-honcho Doyley continues to record any rockin’ luminary that gravitates anywhere near his stu”

“One Man Freakshow (Sling) 5/5 Doyley and pals come up with one hell of a rockin’ record. The Guitar Slingers have come up with one of the rockin’ releases of 2008. This can only be described as relentless. What started out as a solo level.”