guitar Shawn / Press

“Guitar Shawn plays for donations from atop his van on South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas.”

“Music finds a way in the crowded environment of SXSW when guitar Shawn plays for donations atop his van in Austin, Texas, March 12.”

“Guitar Shawn guitaring, is probably named Shawn.”

“The roof of his van serves as a stage for Guitar Shawn, who was playing for donations on South Congress Avenue Tuesday afternoon, the official first day of SXSW Music.”

“Perched on top of his hand-painted 1978 Ford van, the barefooted Shawn Fox, AKA 'guitar Shawn' belts out what he calls Texas dirt songs. 'The feedback makes me happy' said Fox, 25, parked on South Congress by the Continental Club this week. It's a profitable area, which could mean $50 for a day. 'It's people paying me with their hard-working dollars. They keep me going. This is how I make a living.' Fox, who is from Runnels County, has his sights set on recording a CD soon. 'I'm helping a guy build a studio and in exchange he'll let me cut a CD. For now, I hit the streets.'”