Guitar School / Press

"I think it's fun because you get to pick which songs you want to learn. Also, it's kind of easy to learn the guitar.

"My son started from nowhere, and now he can play-pretty well. Tim has been really good. Sometimes Ford has a lot of stuff going on and can't practice, but Tim has been understanding and professional and goes with it. This is a great little operation and the staff, all of em'-are just too cool. I would recommend Mark's Guitar School to anyone. Especially if they are just starting out.

"Now let me throw a sales pitch at you for music theory. When I first started in the 7th grade I taught myself mostly, and made some progress. I got down hammering and pulling from guitar magazines and eventually tapping. The first two years were physical conditioning. Then I began taking lessons from Mark Fitchett in Redondo Beach and that's when it all came together. Not only did I learn what I had been playing for the past two years, but how to organize it, add to it, and combine it. Man, I'm telling you, once you know theory, there's no end to what you can do. I might not know all the names for everything, but I see how its fits together in my head. And once it comes time to prove yourself in an improv jam or something, you start using everything you've learned subconsciously. Also, take any music classes you can if you're in school. I took a high school music class and it taught me how to read music, understand modulation, and all sorts of things."

"The lessons have helped me get into playing after so many years. It has also me to understand further in detail how things are put together."